How To Make A Carnival Mask

There are many events and celebrations where it is traditional to wear a mask; for example Carnival, Mardi Gras, Halloween, a masked ball, Venetian-style carnival or party. If you want to make a fun mask, here is a simple design for a carnival mask to make and decorate just how you want.

Better still, it can be made completely from items you may have around the house already.

You will need: Printed Basic Carnival Mask, scissors, glue, thin card eg. from an old cereal box, elastic, pens, pencils, paints and decorations as desired.

  1. Print out the Basic Carnival Mask. If you have some thin card (and a printer that can cope with it) you could print it out straight onto the card and skip to step 4. If not, print it out onto ordinary paper.
  2. Cut around the mask shape, making sure young children are supervised with scissors. Don’t cut the eyeholes out yet.
  3. Glue the mask shape to a piece of flexible card. This is a great way to recycle cereal boxes or other packaging.
  4. When the glue is dry, cut around the mask shape. Carefully cut the eye holes out without cutting into the mask. An adult could do this with a craft knife, or by making a hole first with a sharp object such as the point of the scissors. Also make holes through the black dots at either end of the mask.
  5. Now for the fun bit! It’s time to decorate your mask. You could make your own design with pencils, pens, paint or crayons. Or maybe you could stick on sequins, feathers, stickers or glitter. Your mask should be as wild as you can make it! Remember not to stick anything over the eyeholes or the black dots at the side.
  6. Thread some elastic through the holes at each side. If you don’t have elastic you could use some ribbon or string and tie the mask at the back.

Your mask is now complete so have fun and Party On!!

Tip: Print the mask onto coloured paper or card to make your mask even more colourful and decorative!

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