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World Ocean Day

Image Credit: WorldOceansDay.org

World Ocean Day is held on 8th June, and it is organised as a day for celebrating the oceans and ocean conservation.

It's purpose is to campain for a reduction in the amount of waste that goes into our seas and to work towards cleaning up the ocean for everything that lives in it.

The official website of World Ocean Day is worldoceanday.org, and it has much more information about events for World Ocean Day and it's campaigns to help the oceans and conserve the wildlife that lives there.

Here are some activities for World Ocean Day including crafts, printables and more sea and fish themed fun!

Ocean Themed Activities

A whole shipload of fun ocean-inspired crafts and activities.

World Ocean Day Save Our Oceans Colouring Picture

A free printable colouring poster for World Ocean Day.

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Seaside Wordsearch

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