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Tips for Skiing With Children

Tips for Skiing With Children

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Going on a skiing break with children who may already have some skiing experience will be a little less stressful than skiing with toddlers, but the holiday will go a lot more smoothly with some forethought and planning.

Here are some tips for making your skiing holiday kid-friendly and making sure that the whole family has fun if you are thinking of taking your kids on a skiing holiday this winter.

  1. It is possible for a child to learn to ski as soon as they can walk, however you know your child best, and you will know how willing they are to try new things, how co-ordinated they are and how quickly they will become tired.
  2. The Ecole du Ski Francais recommend that children under 5 years only ski for a couple of hours a day, but few younger children will be able to ski for as long as an adult. Remember to factor in other activities and don’t expect the kids to have the same stamina as you!
  3. Many ski resorts, hotels and tour operators will offer a crèche and activities for the children, or you may wish to hire a nanny for the week.
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  5. Warm clothing is vital for anyone skiing, and children are more susceptible to the cold that adults. Recommended items for skiing are waterproof mittens or gloves, a hat, ski socks, a wind/water resistant jacket and trousers and long underwear.
  6. Safety on the slopes is important too. Use a high factor sunscreen at all times, wear UV resistant goggles or sunglasses and children are recommended to wear a ski helmet as well – in many countries including the USA and Italy they will not be allowed to ski without a helmet.
  7. If your child is really unhappy skiing, never force them. If you are not sure whether your children will enjoy a skiing holiday choose a resort which offers lots of other activities for the kids.
  8. Choose a resort with a ‘Magic Carpet’ to take the kids back up the ski slope – walking up hill will tire younger children out very quickly.

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