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Skiing With Kids - Tips For A Stress-Free Family Ski Holiday

Top Tips For Skiing With Kids

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If you loved to ski before you had kids, now that you have a family, you will certainly want to share that joy with your little ones! Holidaying with kids can be an organisational nightmare, and when you are skiing there is lots more to think about! You don't just have to worry about whether you have packed enough t-shirts and suncream - skiing requires a lot of kit.

Then there are ski lessons to organise, ski passes to procure - and maybe you would like to have a bit of time on the slopes too!

Skiing with kids is a whole new organisational challenge, so here are our top tips for making your family skiing trip go as smoothly as possible, with tips for sking with toddlers, with children and skiing with teenagers, as well as where to find the most affordable skiwear for the whole family (or whether it's better to hire your ski gear) and how to book your family ski-ing holiday.

Skiing With Kids - Tips For A Stress-Free Family Ski Holiday

Skiing With Toddlers

Skiing with young children is something that many parents try to avoid, but if your child can walk, it is possible to teach them to ski!

With a little careful planning and reasonable expectations as to how much skiing a young child can cope with, everyone in the family can have fun on the slopes, even with a young family. How To Plan A Skiing Holiday With Young Children

Skiing With Children

Going on a skiing break with older children who may already have some skiing experience will be a little less stressfull, but the holiday will go a lot more smoothly with some forethought and planning.

Here are some tips for making your holiday kid-friendly and making sure that the whole family has fun. Tips For Skiing With Children

Skiing With Teenagers

Taking your teen on a skiing holiday is a whole new experience. They are at an age when they will want a little more freedom from their parents and may prefer to ski with other people their age, make new friends and want to socialise with them in the evenings.

Like taking a toddler skiing, it's all about managing everybody's expectations. Skiing With Teens.

Booking Your Family Ski Holiday

There are lots of travel companies which specialize in family sking holidays and have kid-friendly ski resorts.

As well as having family orientated accomodation and ski lessons for all ages, many of their websites are packed with up to date information about taking your family on the slopes. Where To Book Your Ski Trips & Skiing Holidays.

Where To Get Your Children's Skiwear

If you ski regularly the whole family will probably want have your own skiwear. If you are more of an occasional skier it might be worth considering hiring boots, goggles, salopettes and jackets rather than buying - especially for kids who could grow suddenly having only worn their outfit for one holiday.

And whether you buy or rent, you'll need to provide your own base layers, hats and maybe gloves too. Here are the best places to buy or rent your kids skiwear in the UK. Children's Skiwear To Buy Or Hire

Best Snowdome Indoor Ski Centres In The UK

When you can't get away to the ski slopes in Europe or the US, you can still ski at 6 locations in teh UK all year round - at one of the indoor snow centress known as a snowdome.

They offer beginners lessons for kids and adults, and give more experienced skiers the chance to brush up their skills. Snowdome Ski Centres in the UK

Family Skiing in the UK

You don't have to travel abroad to take your family on a skiing holiday that is both suitable for beginners but challenging enough to be interesting for the more experienced skier. Scotland has five kid friendly ski resorts, and while inevitably, they are at the mercy of our wonderful(!) British weather they do offer breath-taking views of the Scottish highlands. Family Ski Resorts in Scotland

Stay Sun Safe

When it's lovely and sunny out on the piste it is possible to get sunburnt even if the temperatures are hovering around zero. Plus the sun reflecting of the dazzlingly white snow can damage your eyes as well, so it is just as important to take sun protection seriously when you are holidaing on the slopes as when you are on the beach. Stay Safe In The Sun

Ten Easy To Pack Travel Games For All The Family

Whether you have to survive along journey in the car, delays at the airport or want some quick and easy games to play when the little ones are too tired to ski, these 10 games are the perfect thing to pack in that very last corner of your suitcase. Top Ten Family Travel Games

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