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10 Best Places To Go In Northumberland

Bamburgh Castle

Image Credit: Sheila Hammond

Northumberland is famous for its windswept deserted landscape, its empty beaches and its amazingly preserved history. You can catch up on it's Roman history at Hadrian's Wall, it's historic contribution to Christianity in Britain as well as seeing stately homes and fabulous animals.

So here are 10 places you must visit in the beautiful county of Northumberland.

  1. Northumberland Zoo
  2. Northumberland Zoo is a 17-acre family run park situated in the picturesque heart of Northumberland. You can see everything from farmyard favourites chickens, goats, donkeys, turkeys and ducks to fish, reptiles and animals including otters, armadillos, wallabies, porcupines, deer and marmosets.

    You can even see a snow leopard and lemurs. The zoo also includes a new soft play area and a cafe.

  3. Northumberlandia
  4. Northumberland is known for it's windswept landscape, and this country park near Cramlington has a woodland trail and a landscape sculpture.

    The centrepiece of this park is the sculpture Northumberlandia, which gives the park it's name, and which is a stunning human landform sculpture of a reclining lady. You can also see into the Shotton Surface mine from the top of Northumberlandia a particular attraction for fans of our industrial heritage.

  5. Newbiggin Maritime Centre
  6. Discover life in a historic fishing village at Newbiggin Maritime Centre. The museum contains artifacts from the local area's fishing industry, mining community and information about it's last remaining all weather lifeboat.

    You can also visit the adjacent children's playpark and the sandy beach with rock pools. St. Bartholomew's Church is adjacent to the Centre and the UK's oldest operational lifeboat station is close by.

  7. Hadrian's Wall and Housesteads Fort
  8. Hadrian's Wall

    Image Credit: Walt Magiera

    Hadrians Wall in Hexham is one of the UK's best-know historical structures, as it marks the border between England and Scotland. It is a UNESCO World Heritige Site and is maintained by the National Trust.

    Housesteads Fort is one of the 16 bases that are strung along the length of the wall, which will give you a real insight into Roman military life and discover the past behind the archaeological remains.

  9. Seaton Delaval Hall
  10. Here you will enter a world where an extraordinary lifestyle was acted out in the most colourful way. The former owners, the Delavals loved a performance, staging events from rope dancers and sack races outdoors to masquerade balls.

    Seaton Delaval Hall was devastated by fire 200 years ago, however the remaining sections of the house give an insight into this unique family. there are also beautiful gardens, a play area and cafe.

  11. Grace Darling Museum
  12. Grace Darling was just 22 years old when she risked her life in an open boat to help the survivors of the wrecked SS Forfarshire. Her story is told through letters, family portraits and the famous coble - the boat that she used for her daring rescue.

    The RNLI's Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh was opened to commemorate her bravery in 1938 and tells her inspiring story.

  13. The Lindisfarne Centre
  14. Situated on the island of Lindisfarne, the The Lindisfarne Centre tells the story of Lindisfarne with exhibitions about Vikings, Island life and the story of its special place in the history of British Christianity.

    It is the perfect place to start your visit to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which was the centre of Chrstianity for the north of England from the 7th Century. The island includes many places for quiet contemplation as well as the must-see Lindisfarne Castle.

  15. Lindisfarne Castle
  16. Lindisfane Castle

    Image Credit: Gabe Fender

    From a former fort to the holiday home of a wealthy Edwardian bachelor seeking a quiet retreat from London, the idyllic location of the Castle has intrigued and inspired for centuries.

    Lindisfarne Castle, managed by the National Trust, is on an almost-island which is only accessible by road at low tide. The house itself is open from March to October, so check opening times before visiting. The garden is open all year round.

  17. Bamburgh Castle
  18. Bamburgh Castle in Bamburgh was the home to the Anglo Saxon Kings of Northumbria.

    You can find out more about Bamburgh Castle’s remarkable past with an exciting new immersive and interactive exhibition that will bring to life the people and sagas of this world-famous castle.

    The museum at the castle includes exhibits about former owner and inventor William Armstrong as well as artefacts form the aviation history of the two world wars.

  19. George Stephenson's Birthplace
  20. Discover the humble birthplace of great railway pioneer, George Stephenson, whose entire family lived in just one room. Discover how challenging life was for mining communities in Stephenson's time.

    George Stephenson's Birthplace gives you the opportunity to visit the home of one of the greatest heroes of Britain's engineering history.

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