Jersey War Tunnels

If you visit Jersey there are many beautiful, exciting and historic places to visit, however the most humbling the Jersey War Tunnels.  This museum was created in tunnels dug out by slave labour at the command of the occupying German forces during WWII. The museum tells the story of the island of Jersey’s occupation, from how the islanders survived with little food or materials even to repair what they had, to the many who resisted the occupiers when even owning a radio could mean that you were sent to prison.

The exhibition does not shy away from showing different sides both occupier and islander either; Jersey residents who were evacuated to the British mainland returned home after the war to find that their houses had been stripped bare of all their belongings by their fellow islanders. The German soldier’s human side is also shown in the exhibition.

The tunnels go deep underground and therefore remain at around 15C all year round, so if you do visit take do something warm to.  Our only small criticism would be that this fact is not mentioned on any advertisements or leaflets about the tunnels. The weather on the day that we visited was warm and sunny, so we were all in short sleeves and became rather chilly by the end of our visit.

It is one day out that will make you feel truly grateful for the sacrifices made by so many people in times of war.

Jersey War Tunnels can be found at Les Charrieres Malorey, St Lawrence, Jersey. To find out more visit

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