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Halloween Travel Destinations Around The World

Draculas's Castle Transylvania Romania

Image Credit: Hristo Mumdzhiev

If you really love Halloween, why not think about celebrating with a holiday, visiting some of the special Halloween festivals held around the world.

Whether you want to visit somewhere with a spooky reputation or just the best Halloween celebrations in the world here are the 5 places that all Halloween fans must visit to make your Halloween celebrations really special - no broomstick required!

Trick or Treat

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ON out Halloween world tour, the first stop is Northern Ireland, the birthplace of Trick or Treating.

The Derry Halloween celebration in Londonderry has been held since 1986 and spans four days of festivities. It culminates in a huge ‘Outdoor Spooktacular’ with family events, a Halloween Parade, fancy dress, Halloween crafts, games and music.

Halloween in New York

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It is the US that has really made Halloween into the huge celebration it is now.

Halloween in New York (where else) is a really big deal - there is a massive parade down Sixth Avenue on Halloween night with some of the wildest costumes, bands, puppets, dancers and artists. New York’s Village Halloween Parade began in 1973 and from humble beginnings has grown to become a fixture in NY’s cultural calendar.

Hell on Earth

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Perhaps you would like to go to Hell?

No I'm not being rude I promise - there are a number of places in the world that are genuinely called Hell. Choose from Hell in Michigan, California, Norway, The Netherlands or the Cayman Islands.

Which Witch is Which?

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Over in Salem, Massachusetts, you can visit the location of the famous witch trials immortalised by Arthur Miller in ‘The Crucible’.

Salem even has an official website for Halloween, called Haunted Happenings where you can find out about all the special events held in the town for Halloween.

Join the locals for the ‘Festival of the Dead’ and you can take part in the ‘Dumb Supper’, a banquet held in silence to honour the dead (probably not one for younger kids then), a Witch’s Ball and a Vampire’s Ball as well as lots of other spooky events.

Draculas's Castle Transylvania Romania

Image Credit: Hristo Mumdzhiev

Vampire Central

And of course you could visit Transylvania, which is now part of Romania. Transylvania is the home of the fictional vampire Count Dracula, a character who is reputed to be based on Vlad the Impaler. Bran Castle outside Bucharest is touted as being the home of Vlad the Impaler (this is however doubtful), or you can visit Vlad's birthplace of Sighisoara, a fairly unspoilt medieval town.

Whether or not any of that is true, the know how to party in Transylvania, and Halloween is celebrated with parties, costumes and special tours of the castle and the beautiful gothic towns around Bucharest.

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