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Top Toys for Christmas 2022

Top Toys for 2022 - Xmas 2022 Predicted Bestsellers

Image Credit: Eugene Zhyvchik

How would you like to get ahead with your Christmas shopping and make sure that you get that must-have toy that your kiddo wants for their Christmas present this year?

There are dozens of fantastic new toys for 2022 that are released in time for Christmas, so here are some hot tips for the UK Top Toys for Christmas 2022 - the toys that your kids will be begging you for this coming Christmas.

Family favourites John Lewis and Hamleys have already published their top toys lists for Christmas 2022.

Hamleys Top 10 Toys For Christmas 2022

At Hamleys, Christmas 2022, has an emphasis on classic toys, iconic brands and pieces that will stand the test of time to be passed down through generations and families. There are recognisable labels like Mattel’s Barbie and Play Doh that you will know from your own childhood that are still fixtures on the toy scene today.

X-Shot Skins Last Stand

Age: 8+ years

The love for foam shooters shows no signs of wavering and this is the largest in X-Shot’s collection. It can house 14 darts at once in the auto-rotating barrel to reach your opponents up to 27m away. The blaster uses a new air pocket technology to make the projectiles go faster, further and more direct.

BUY NOW £35.00, Hamleys

Hamleys Bear Hoody Panda 24cm

Hamleys Bear Hoody Panda

Age: 0+ years

The Hamelys Bear has been a stalwart in the Hamleys' Christmas offering with new versions each year. The heritage design is given an extra cosy plush detail with a panda onesie that includes the hood. It is 24cm tall and is super soft for cuddling.

BUY NOW £22.00, Hamleys

Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck

Age: 3+ years

Play Doh has stood the test of time in the most popular games for years and years and this truck is one of the best the brand has ever produced. Get their imaginations running wild with the 27 tools that will enable them to make their own colourful creations.

There’s even a sprinkle maker and sweet moulds to adorn on their ice creams. The cash register plays music to encourage interactive play and there’s storage galore for all the pieces once playtime is over.

BUY NOW £100.00, Hamleys

Peppa Pig Roller Disco

Age: 3+ years

Peppa Pig is heading to the roller disco with this doll inspired by the fan-favourite children’s TV character. It stands at 28cm tall and has lights, sound, music and she’ll even talk.

BUY NOW £37.00, Hamleys

One Trick Pony

Age: 3+ years

This game will get the whole family belly laughing. With your hand looped in the cowboy’s lasso, you have to herd the animals before he catches you. Works best for two to five players.

BUY NOW £27.00, Hamleys

Cocomelon Boo Boo Jj Doll

Age: 3+ years

The star of the US YouTube hit show, little ones will be able to play with their very own Cocomelon themed doll. The JJ character in plush form will reveal the areas where he’s been hurt for your kids to tend to. When an area lights up, they need to apply a bandage which will then be met with phrases like “My boo boo is gone!”. The doll will also sing.

BUY NOW £44.00, Hamleys

Tick Tock Brick Knock

Tick Tock Brick Knock

Age: 8+ years

It’s a race against the clock with this game where you have 15 or 30 seconds (depending on which mode you opt for) to pull out a block with a high pressured twist on Jenga. Miss the time and the bomb base will expload, causing the entire tower to collapse. Loser has to draw a dare card.

BUY NOW £34.00, Hamleys

Disney And Pixar Lightyear Jetpack Liftoff Buzz Lightyear

Age: 3+ years

After the hugely popular Lightyear film comes this new take on the classic toy. Buzz is wearing his iconic Space Ranger Alpha suit complete with its jetpack but here’s the twist.

There’s the addition of a fusion cannister that is designed to be filled with water to create a spray as he takes off in flight. The doll measures at 30cm and has over 20 phrases and 12 moveable joints.

BUY NOW £60.00, Hamleys

Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll Unicorn

Age: 3+ years

Enhance the unboxing experience with this Barbie. Not only will they be treated to the doll itself but there are 10 surprises in total that includes a plush animal friend. The iconic doll is wearing an animal costume but underneath is where the real magic is - she comes complete with shimmery clothes, accessories and a comb to tend to her long hair and activate the fun. There’s colour-changing elements, animal face paint that appears and the animal opens its eyes.

BUY NOW £33.00, Hamleys

Ralleyz Jumping Sumo

Ralleyz Jumping Sumo

Age: 6+ years

This remote control car from Ralleyz can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. The toy is run through batteries and controlled through a rechargeable remote. Prepare to race.

BUY NOW £70.00, Hamleys

The John Lewis Top Toys for Christmas 2022

At John Lewis Scrunchies, cycling shorts and the return of house music have meant the 80s and 90s influence has dominated Christmas 2022.

This sense of nostalgia now sees the toys synonymous with the era become the must-haves for the kids of today. From styling doll heads to Hot Wheels, the favourites of the decades make a triumphant return this Christmas.

Free Printable Letter From Santa

May be you have the original version or it is stashed away at your parents attic! If not, they all will be available in stores and on johnlewis.com from autumn 2022.

  1. Jiggly Pets Pink Pup Pat his head or have a cuddle - he will move and play music, so join in the dance. Just £10.99 as well and available now.
  2. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. The Book and The Film - New Book Launch, £20 (Available from November)
  3. John Lewis Wooden Pizzeria, £40 (Available from Sept)
  4. I'm a Stylist Styling Head Ella, £79.99 (Available from Sept)
  5. Vtech JotBot (The Smart Drawing Robot), £49.99 (Available from Sept)
  6. Le Mieux Pony, £49.99 (Available from Sept)
  7. John Lewis Wooden Workbench, £60 (Available from Sept)
  8. LEGO Creator Expert 10293 Santa’s Visit, £89.99 (Available now)
  9. Hot Wheels Garage exclusive bundle with the Hot Wheels 20 car pack, £125 (Available now)
  10. Play-Doh Ice Cream Cart, £99 (Available from August)

So which of the Top Toys for Christmas 2022 in the UK will will your kid be begging for?! It's aways a good idea to buy the hottest toys new of the year good and early before they sell out - so don't miss out!

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Last Updated: 4th October 2022

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