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Best Garden Swings For Children 2023

A set of swings

Image Credit: Aaron Burden

Kids love to play on swings - especially when summer comes around! But what if you don't have a playground nearby?

So if you want to have the perfect way to get the kids away from their phones, TV or computers, a swing in the garden should get them off the sofa and into the fresh air - in fact they will be begging you to let them play outside!

If you are thinking of getting a swing for your garden, safety is of course of the upmost importance. Many manufacturers now recommend that the swings are concreted into the ground for safety, and that concrete is not usually supplied.

Here is a selection of the best garden swings in the UK, including single, double and swing sets - from a basic single swing to a complete play centre with a slide as well - plus a fun tyre swing for that good old-fashioned retro vibe.

  1. Forest Single Swing
  2. TP Forest Single Swing

    The TP Toys Forest Single Swing is a super classic wooden single swing, perfect for any kid over the age of 3.

    This swing has a compact footprint which makes the Forest Single Swing perfect when garden space is limited. Made from FSC® certified wood.


  3. Zero Gravity Kids UFO Nest Swing Set
  4. swing

    Nest swings are becoming more and more popular - kids love them because they can often share the swing with a friend rather than being restricted to swinging alone.

    The Zero Gravity UFO Nest Swing Set will hold up to 2 kids. Zero gravity have returned to good old-fashioned swing design principles, as it uses steel chains rather than nylon tape, which have been encased in plastic to protect little fingers from getting caught.


  5. TP Forest Acorn Growable Wooden Swing Set
  6. swing

    If you like to plan ahead this will be a really good choice of garden swing for your family. The TP Forest Acorn Growable Wooden Swing Set lets you start small with a low swing and a baby seat which is sutable from 6 months old.

    As your child grows you can convert your swing to a full size frame with a regular flat seat. This item's frame is made from FSC® certified European timber too.


  7. Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing
  8. swing

    Perfect for baby's first swing, this swing seat is made from nylon and is designed to fold when not in use.

    The Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing is small and affordable swing suitable for gentle play with younger children only.


  9. Plum Marmoset Wooden Swing Set
  10. swing

    You may be able to avoid at least some of the arguments over whose turn it is to use the swing with this Plum Marmoset Wooden Swing Set, which features two single swings using soft feel ropes.

    Made from FSC certified timber which has been pressure treated for extra strength, it comes with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty on the frame against wood rot and insect damage (12 months for all other components).


  11. Plum Single Swing Set
  12. Plum Single Swing set

    This Plum Single Swing Set is an good, affordable basic swing - it's under £50 - which comes with a height adjustable swing with a durable, injection moulded swing seat and soft feel ropes.

    More suited to younger children with a maximum weight of 50kg, you can adjust the seat height as your kids grow.


  13. Customisable Single Metal Swing Frame
  14. Customisable Single Metal Swing Frame

    There are lots of different options for this next model. The Single Metal Swing Frame is customisable, with a choice of seats; as well as plastic and wooden regular seats, you can add a baby seat, a pirate boat swing or a nest swing.

    You can even add a basketball hoop as well! The frame is compatible with TP Toys other metal framed garden toys so as your family grows, so can your garden play equipment.


  15. Forest Double Wooden Swing Frame
  16. Forest Double

    The Forest Double Wooden Swing Frame is made from wood from managed forests, this two swing wooden frame comes with two fully adjustable swing seats.

    Easy to assemble and suitable for up to 10 years.


  17. Plum Gibbon Wooden Swing Set
  18. swing

    Why just swing when you can climb too?

    The Plum Gibbon Wooden Swing Set features not only a pair of swings on a sturdy FSC timber certified, frame, it has a climbing rope and a rope ladder too.

    Delivered flat-packed with everything you need. It is recommended that you concrete into the ground.


  19. Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set
  20. The Hedstrom Neptune Swing Set features two single swings and a 2 person glider - 4 children can be amused at once! With chunky blow moulded seats, adjustable ropes and a robust powder coated steel frame.


  21. Plum Childrens Garden Lookout Tower
  22. swing

    Go large with this Plum Childrens Garden Lookout Tower. You're going to need a bit more garden space for this one than some of the other swing sets here, but what you do get is a combined climbing frame, rock wall, swings and slide set that will also double as a playhouse and a ball pit.

    On top of all that the play set also features binoculars and telephone accessories too. Made from FSC certified timber it will give hours of imaginative fun which is great exercise too.


  23. Swing Ring Tyre
  24. Swing Ring Tyre

    Go retro with this Swing Ring Tyre, which would make a great replacement seat for a swing frame that you already have, is made from a recycled tyre.

    Perfect for sharing too.


  25. Plum Vervet Wood Swing Set
  26. Plum Vervet Wood Swing Set

    This Plum Vervet Wood Swing Set has two swings and a Duo glider swing with soft feel ropes and heavy duty blow-moulded seats.


  27. Multi Play Swing Set
  28. Multi Play Swing Set

    This Multi Play Swing Set has a full metal frame makes this swing very steady and safe and includes a see saw swing and a saucer swing - great for playdates and get-togethers!


  29. Hedstrom 2-in-1 Swing
  30. Hedstrom 2in1 Swing with 5 Point Harness

    This Hedstrom 2-in-1 Swing cleverly converts from a deluxe toddler swing into the single swing for when your child is older. It's made with a robust powder-coated steel extendable frame and both seats are supplied.

    Suitable from 18 months to 10 years.


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