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17 Personalised Christmas Ornaments With Names To Treasure For Ever

Personalised Christmas Ornaments With Names That You Will Treasure For Ever

Image Credit: Sean Wells

Do you have a special Christmas decoration that you bring out every year, one that really epitomises the spirit of Christmas? Maybe you have a special decoration to hang on the Christmas tree or to put on your mantlepiece.

How about a really special, unique personalised Christmas decoration - one with your name on? My sister had a special bauble made to hang on her Christmas tree for each of her children's first Christmas, each one decorated with the child's name on. It is such a special event, looking forward to getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft and unwrapping all those precious and personal decorations, then hanging them on the Chrsotmas tree.

17 Personalised Christmas Ornaments With Names That You Will Treasure For Ever

A personalised Christmas decoration makes a wonderful gift, so why not give someone special the gift of a unique Christmas decoration. What about a bauble, a handmade wood or felt decoration or a santa sack or Christmas eve box with their name on it - perfect for boys and girls, mums and dads, baby's first Christmas, grandparents and even cats and dogs!

A personalised Christmas decoration is a gift idea which they will treasure for ever.

  1. Personalised Name Bauble
  2. Personalised Red Name Bauble

    This beautiful, classic Personalised Name Bauble with Merry Christmas and the name in gold is the perfect Christmas gift; timeless and ageless it would fit in with any style of Christmas tree and any be siutable for any age.

    It's from Getting Personal and includes red satin ribbon to display it. It's the perfect bespoke decoration for any tree!


  3. Personalised Ceramic Unicorn Bauble
  4. Personalised Ceramic Unicorn Bauble

    Who doesn't love a unicorn - it seems like almost everything has been sporting a picture of a unicorn, from jumpers to hot waterbottles end everything in between. So the logical conclusion is that your Christmas tree needs a unicorn too! This Personalised Ceramic Unicorn Bauble from Born Gifted would be the perfect personalised decoration for any unicorn lover.

    You can put a name on the front and include a personalised message to commemorate any special event on the back too.


  5. Metallic Circle Christmas Decoration With Name
  6. Metallic Circle Christmas Decoration With Name

    For a more modern minimalist take on the traditional bauble decoration I love this Metallic Circle Christmas Decoration With Name from Mooseys at Amazon which is made out of fully sustainably sourced materials - no Paper or Plastic!

    This will give an elegant look to any Christmas tree and you will want to bring it out year after year.


  7. Personalised Luxury Red Stocking
  8. Personalised Novelty Stockings

    Decorated with an elegant star with your name on it, these Personalised Luxury Red Stocking from Getting Personal is bright, colourful and full of character. Perfect for children or adults!

    Don't forget to leave them out for Santa so he can leave you an orange!


  9. Personalised Christmas Decoration With Photo
  10. Personalised Christmas Decoration With Photo

    There will be no mistaking who this decoration belongs to as the Personalised Christmas Decoration With Photo from Getting Personal includes a picture of the owner as well as a name and message.

    You could of course include any picture - a couple, the family cat or dog or a picture of your new home or car. What ever you chose to have printed onto your bauble it will make a lovely reminder of a special occasion.


  11. Personalised Traditional Christmas Eve Box
  12. Personalised Traditional Christmas Eve Box

    Christmas Eve Boxes are becoming such a big thing now; fill the box with new Christmas pyjamas, hot chocolate, snacks such as popcorn, gingerbread or marshmallows, a classic Christmas movie DVD, a favourite Christmas storybook, not forgetting some food for Rudolph!

    To make the whole thing a true Christmas tradition, choose a Personalised Traditional Christmas Eve Box such as this wooden one from notonthehighstreet.com, which comes in two different sizes and colours, and can be personalised with the owner's name.


  13. Personalised Penguin Family Tree Decoration
  14. Personalised Penguin Family Tree Decoration

    You can include everyone in the family on this Personalised Penguin Family Tree Decoration from Amazon, which gives you the option to include up to four smaller penguins so that you can have a whole family group.

    You can add names and a short message of your own to each decoration. Doensn't that baby penguin look soooo cute?!


  15. Personalised Feather Glass Bauble
  16. Personalised Feather Glass Bauble

    Lighter than air, this Personalised Feather Glass Bauble from Prezzybox would be a beautiful keepsake for a baby's first Christmas, a new home or a delightful gift.

    With the name in sparkling silver letters this will be cherished for years to come.


  17. Personalised Reindeer Mantle Decoration
  18. Personalised Reindeer Mantle Decoration

    This charming stand-alone Personalised Reindeer Mantle Decoration from Getting Personalwould make a wonderful keepsake gift for a little boy or girl, young or old at Christmas.

    Made from real wood it is destined to be one of those decorations that comes out every year and becomes a much-loved family tradition.


  19. Personalised Christmas Star Decoration
  20. Personalised Christmas Star Decoration

    Be a star this Christmas with your own Personalised Christmas Star Decoration from The Crafty Giraffe. You can add a small message or name on the front centre of star. 


  21. Personalised Burlap Christmas Sack
  22. Personalised Burlap Christmas Sack

    Make Christmas morning magical with this rustic and traditional Personalised Burlap Christmas Sack, which bears the name of the lucky person who will be getting all those presents!

    Made from jute, the sack comes in 4 different sizes and you can have up to 30 letters printed onto it so it could include a special message too!


  23. Personalised Me To You Reindeer Bauble
  24. Personalised Me To You Reindeer Bauble

    If you know somone who loves the 'Me to You' bear collection they will adore this Personalised Me To You Reindeer Bauble from Prezzybox. With the cutest Christmas teddy and reindeer this would be a lovely gift for any fan of teddies - or reindeer!!

    You can put a name or names up to 20 letters on the front and include a special message on the back of the bauble as well.


  25. Family Personalised Sleigh Decoration
  26. Family Personalised Sleigh Decoration

    You can have from two to five faces on this Family Personalised Sleigh Decoration by A Wish For Chrsitmas at Amazon, with a different name on each Santa hat!

    This lovely resin decoration is hand finished and and you can also choose a design with Christmas stockings or a cosy bed.


  27. Personalised Snowman Christmas Decoration
  28. Personalised Snowman Christmas Decoration

    These adorable Personalised Snowman Christmas Decoration from Prezzybox are cut from wood and personalised. The perfect addition to your Christmas table, or even as a family ornament, these beautiful Snowman decoration with names could be used as your place settings, and will be used year after year.


  29. Personalised Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decoration
  30. Personalised Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decoration

    I love this cheeky Personalised Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decoration from Mant Makes at Amazon, which is individually made from wood in a timeless, hand drawn, rustic style.

    Hang them on your Christmas tree, a mantelpiece, bookshelf or door handle with the red polk dot ribbon which is included.


  31. Personalised Reindeer Handmade Decoration
  32. Personalised Reindeer Handmade Decoration

    For something unique and individual I love this sweet Personalised Reindeer Handmade Decoration from Sazparillas. This cute little fella is hand sewn in felt with an individually made name tag.

    There is a choice of colours for the bow,and the decoration can be hung up by the grosgrain ribbon.


  33. Personalised Holiday Armadillo Bauble
  34. Personalised Holiday Armadillo Bauble

    When you think about animals that are associated with Christmas, you probably don't think about armadillos. This is a shame, as this Personalised Holiday Armadillo Bauble, which is exclusive to The Crafty Giraffe is exceptionally cute.

    You can include a name on this decoration. I think that armadillos could be a new Christmas tradition in the making.


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