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Paddling Pools For The Garden 2024

Paddling Pools That Will Keep The Kids Cool All Summer Long

How To Choose The Right Paddling Pool For Your Kids

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It's great to play in water when the weather warms up, so here is our selection of Paddling Pools and Family Pools to cool you down when the weather is hot - it is one of the most fun things to do in the summer holidays!

But which is the right one - there are lots of different types to choose from, from small inflatable pools to full size family swimming pools.

Padding pools are also a really good idea for helping you to keep cool if you are pregnant in the summer.

Safety First: Children should always be supervised when using a paddling pool. A child can drown in just a couple of inches of water so you should always have a responsible adults watching children using any type of pool.

Paddling Pools

The Best Classic Paddling Pools For Your Garden

The simplest, most affordable and most popular type of paddling pool is an inflatable paddling pool . These are easy to assemble as all you have to do is blow them up. You can blow them up yourself if you have enough puff, or they can be inflated using a foot pump or an electric pump.

At the end of the summer you can let them down and they can be folded up and stored away for next year and do not take up much space. Alternativly they can have a second life all winter as a ball pond - just get a bag of plastic play balls.

Intex Wetset Summer Colours Swim Centre

The Intex Wetset Summer Colours Swim Centre is a slighty larger pool at 73" x 71" inflatable pool whaich has a five sided shape. This cheerful pool is also big enough to hold a couple of kids (or even a parent who needs to cool off!). The lovely bright colours for a summer's day, with a transparent section between the colours.

This paddling pool is available for around £20 at Amazon

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Sunset Glow Paddling Pool

The Sunset Glow Paddling Pool is an absolute classic design. This popular inflatable paddling pool simply consists of four colourful rings and is big enough for a couple of kids to sit down in as it is 66" across. Very reasonable priced at around £15, this your absolute best basic pool.

This one is available from Amazon and Splash & Relax for around £15.

Best Paddling Pools For Babies And Toddlers

If you have a toddler you will want to choose a smaller pool, especially if they are a little nervous of going into the pool. These pools are full of fun accesories to get your kids loving playing in the water.

Leonore Pool

The Leonore Pool

The Leonore Pool is the perfect size for a paddle in this unusal colourway. Let your toddler hop in to cool off on a hot day. It’s easy to inflate and deep enough to keep their tummies covered.

From Kidly

Purple Intex My First Paddling Pool

Purple Intex My First Paddling Pool

Have hours of paddling fun in the sun and create moments to cherish forever watching your child splash, play and laugh all day long in the Purple Intex My First Paddling Pool.

It comes in a range of cute and adorable designs which makes this affordable toddler pool a no-brainer, especially as it comes in at less than £5.

From PoundToy and Amazon

Intex Inflatable Gator Play Centre

Intex Inflatable Gator Play Centre

The Intex Inflatable Gator Play Centre has everything you need to encourage your children into the water, to play and grow their confidence. This adorable toddler paddling pool includes a removable mushroom shade, as well as a gator, baby duck and a bucket.

£50 at The Works

Intex 57114NP Mushroom Baby Pool

Babies and toddlers can still enjoy keeping cool in a paddling pool while you can be sure that their delicate skin is protected if you choose a paddling pool with a sun shade such as this Intex Mushroom Baby Pool, which includes an inflatable sun shade for them to sit under. (Do remember your child will still need to use sun cream or wear sun protection clothing).

Approximately £12 at The Works and Amazon

Paddling pool with Sunshade

Older children can also stay out of the sun's rays with this adorable and good sized Sun Shade Pool which can be used with or without the sunshade as it is removable.

Around £27 from Amazon.co.uk.

Stay sun safe all summer long with these 6 simple sun safety rules.

Best Mid-Sized Family Paddling Pools

If you have a bigger family - or if the parents want to get in on the act as well - you can get a larger inflatable pool. This will have all the advantages of the smaller pools as it will also be easy to store and light to carry, while still being affordable.

Bestway Jumbo Size Paddling Pool

The Bestway Jumbo Size Pool is just HUGE! Still an inflatable pool it measures 106" x 69" with extra wide side walls to support that extra water and more people to share the fun.

This really is a pool that all the family will be able to sit in - here's hoping for sunshine!

What's more it is a bargain at around just £20 at Amazon.

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Pop-Up Paddling Pools

If you don't fancy all that huffing and puffing you could try a pop-up paddling pool. They are also easy to store and quick to set up. They are also very affordable as well, but tend to only come in smaller sizes.

Fill'n'fun paddling pool

The Ocean Life Fill 'n' Fun Pool is really easy to assemble - it just pops up and it's ready to fill up. It's a good size with a diameter of 60".

£11 - £14 from The Range, The Entertainer or Amazon.

Our Favourite Fun Paddling Pools

Space Ship Paddling Pool

Blast of into space and reach for the stars with this Space Ship Paddling Pool. 62" diameter inflatable pool with a hand pump included.

We have lift off £20 at Amazon.co.uk.

Dino Spray Paddling Pool

We love this Dino Spray Paddling Pool - it's a fun inflatable pool and you can also attatch your garden hose to the pool to create a cooling spray for the kids to sit under.

A bargain at £17 you can find it at Splash and Relax and The Works.

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