My Nametags Name Stickers - Review

My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels - Review

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My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels are a brand new product from My Nametags. They are the world’s first fully personalised full colour stickers to label almost everything, whether you want to stick nametapes on clothes, or label school shoes, lunchboxes, pencil cases or even calculaters, phones and laptops!

But how do they stand up in real life? We tested them to find out.

Ordering the Name Stickers

The My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels are ordered online and I found the website really easy to use.

They have a lovely selection of pictures to choose for your stickers. There are teddies and ducks to stars, flowers, animals and music. I thought that the selection of seasonal designs for Christmas were really cute!

You can also choose plain stickers without a design of course!

Although the picture name stickers primarily aimed at children for nursery or school, many of the designs would be suitable for adults who needed them for uniforms or for use in care homes.

Once you have chosen your design you can then choose your background image or there is choice of 24 plain colours too. Finally you can choose the lettering style of your labels, from a range of six different fonts.

You can add just a single one-word name or add up to 3 lines of text, depending on how much information you need to add to your label. You probably could not fit your whole address on the label but you could certainly fit a phone number.

The great thing is that you can play around with the lettering on the website while you are ordering and try out any combination of names and wording and you can see immediately what it will look like.

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The Real Life Test

Most importantly, how did the My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels stand up to everyday use?

On clothing the stickers must be stuck to the label of the garment that you wish to name. I can confirm that my stickers have survived several trips through the washing machine already and have remained firmly attached with no peeling and no fading of the design at all, meaning that they are completely readable. A great idea if you don't want to sew in name tapes (but here are some tips if you do need to sew in nametapes for school)

I also used some of the My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels to name my children’s lunchbox items and they have survived several weeks of daily washing up, and again they look as good as when they were first applied.

The final test was in the dishwasher. Yes! The stickers stayed put in the dishwasher without peeling, fading or wrinkling.

I would certainly use My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels next time I need to get stickers for my kid’s lunchboxes, and the fact that they can be used just as well on clothing makes them, I think, extra useful. It is great fun to be able to personalise them too.

My Nametags also make Iron-On Nametags for clothing and Classic Stickers in basic black and white, which can also feature an optional design.

My Nametags Colour Sticker Labels cost £9.95 for a set of 56 colour stickers and are available from

Disclosure: These labels were kindly provided to eParenting by My Nametags for review purposes. The opinions in the review are my own.

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Update for 2017

It is now 4 years since I wrote this review, and I thought I would just add that I am still really pleased with these products - in fact once my kids were older and didn't want stickers with teddies on them, I did buy myself a set of the plain name stickers as I was so impressed with the ones that I tested here.

I am still delighted with them. They are really good for naming shoes, lasting a whole school year - they have lasted better than some shoes that I have bought!

The lunchbox stickers also have continued to survive years of washing up and trips throught the dishwasher.

I've also used them for naming school calculators, laptops, school bags and PE kit. The only thing that I've found that they are not too good at is PE socks, so they do need replacing from time to time on those. (By the way I usually write on white socks with a Sharpie, I only need the stickers for black socks)

So I would still recommend My Nametags name stickers for naming everything your kid needs for school.

My Nametags Name Stickers - Review

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