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100% Cotton Clothing

For Eczema, Psoriasis and Allergy Sufferers

100% Cotton Clothing for Eczema Sufferers and anyone with Sensitive Skin

Image Credit: Fernando Weberich

If, like me, you have a child whose skin is sensitive (or if you have sensitive skin yourself) you will know that the type of clothing worn can make a big difference to how comfortable their skin is. Skin sensitivity could be because you child has eczema, psoriasis or is prone to allergies.

My elder son was diagnosed with eczema at only a few months old. He was prone to severe nappy rash and had angry red sore wrists, elbows and back.

Man-made fibres have always made him sore and itchy, which cause him pain, discomfort and in hot weather, sleepless nights. However when I put him in natural fibres, his skin is cooler and was much less miserable and itchy.

Fortunately there are lots of specialist eczema clothing which is 100% cotton or made from other natural fibres such as silk, bamboo and linen. These are fantastic and brilliant for sleepwear, underwear, bedding and can help with specialist school uniform.

100% Cotton Clothing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergies and sensitive skin.

One really important piece of advice from my personal experience of buying clothing for a child with eczema; I would recommend is that you always check individual item descriptions of products from any of these retailers to check the fibre content.

Some of these online retailers offer only some of their range in 100% cotton, while also selling items that could have mixed fibres. Also while we have highlighted where these sellers use organic cotton, we would still advise checking individual items.

100% Cotton Clothing Clothing For Adults and Kids

The best retailers who produce 100% cotton clothing for both adults and children, so everyone in the family can enjoy wearing pure cotton clothing, plus allergy clothing specialists.

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