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Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Children 2024 Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Children

Image Credit: Jason Leung

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Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year the biggest and most popular festival in China, and it is celebrated across China and by Chinese communities around the world, along with many other people who enjoy the festivities!

It is a time for getting family and friends to gether to eat, celebrate and it is also a time for giving gifts. Gifts are traditionally given to friends and family, and most especially to children and to guests who are not married.

But mostly gifts are given to children! The colour of good luck in China is red, and so the most auspicious colour to give a gift in is Red. Gold is also considered lucky as it symbolises wealth and prosperity.

2024 will be the Year of the Dragon, so it will be particularly appropriate to give Dragon themed gifts.

Here are some of the best Chinese New Year gift ideas for children.


Red money envelope for Chinese New Year

Image Credit: Amazon

The most popular gift to give to children is money, which should be given in a red envelope. As red is considered a very lucky colour in Chinese culture, this makes it even better.

You could use any red envelope, however you can buy all sorts of beautifully decorated envelopes for Chinese New Year which will often feature a gold design on a red background.

Another idea would be to give one of the specially minted coins that are created for Chinese New Year. In the UK the Royal Mint is producing a commemorative coin for each Chinese New Year. So far they have issued coins for the years of the Tiger, Ox, Dragon and Rat.

Here are some more Chinese New Year Commemorative Coins and Decorative Tokens.


Chinese New Year Books

Education is very widely respected in Chinese culture for people of all ages and so books are a very good gift to give at Chinese New Year.

If you are looking for something to teach younger children about the festival 12 Chinese New Year Books to teach children about the festival, however any book would make an excellent present.

Sweets and Candies

Candy is an excellent gift for Chinese New Year

Image Credit: Luis Aguila

Food of any type is a very good thing to give as a gift, so unsurprisingly, anything you can eat makes a good Chinese New Year Gift, and children love sweets!

Any sort of sweets, chocolates or candies will go down very well indeed, especially if you can find something with red and gold wrapping.

Send A Card

Chinese New Year Card

It is lovely to send your friends and family a card to show thsat you are thinging about them. Send a card to your friends for Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year Card is from a selection at Moonpig, which can also be personalised.

Chinese New Year Card With Origami Lantern

This hand folded Chinese New Year Card is by Hello Ruth and it features a modern take on a traditional Chinese lantern, handmade with gold and red detailing.

Toys and Games

Toys and games are a great Chinese New Year gift. For 2024 this Year of the Dragon Plush Toy is quite adorable, made in the appropriate colours of red and gold for good luck.

You could use this toy as part of your festive decor, then you can cuddle up with him for the rest of the year.

Chinese New Year Lego Kit

Chinese New Year Lego Kit

Lego have long produced kits to celebrate Chinese New Year. Pandas are one of the national animals of China, and LEGO have released this LEGO Brickheadz Chinese New Year Panda Set.

The set includes a mother panda and her two babies. The set also includes bamboo sticks, a lantern and a buildable mandarin tree, which is considered a symbol of happiness in China.

Craft Kits

paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are a traditional part of Chinese New Year, and this set of paper lanterns from Baker Ross can be decorated with acrylic paint, fibre pens, stickers, glitter and beads. Each comes flat-packed with a metal frame and hanging cord.

You can use the kit to make your own party decorations, or it would make a creative and educational gift as well.



Image Credit: Dessy Dimcheva

Mandarins are regarded as a very auspicious gift for Chinese New Year, and can be found affordably at most larger supermarkets. As their colour is similar to red and gold it is considered to be very lucky.

However they should always be given in pairs, as there is a Chinese saying that says "Good things come in pairs".

Chinese New Year Party Supplies

As Chinese New Year is time for a big celebration, with fireworks, food, feasts and parades, you will also want to decorate your house.

Here are some places to find those all-important party supplies to make your Chinese New Year Party the best yet!

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