Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Children

Chinese New Year is traditionally a time for giving gifts. Gifts are traditionally given to friends and family, and especially to children.

Here are some of the best Chinese New Year gifts for children.


Red Money Envelopes for Chinese New Year

The most popular gift for children is money, which should be given in a red envelope. Red is considered a very lucky colour in Chinese culture. You could use any red envelope, however you can buy beautifully decorated envelopes for Chinese New Year.

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Sweets and Candies

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Unsurprisingly, anything you can eat makes a good Chinese New Year Gift, and children love sweets!

Send A Card

Send a card to your friends for Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year Card is from a selection at Not on the High Street.

Chinese New Year Printable Puzzles

Toys and Games

Chinese Zodiac Soft Animal Puppet Finger Toys

Toys and games are a great Chinese New Year gift. We love these Chinese Zodiac Soft Animal Finger Puppets. They include all 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and come from Amazon.

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Chinese New Year Lego Kit

Lego have produced kits to celebrate every Chinese New Year animal. There is a lovely new Lego Year of the Ox Kit for 2021.

Craft Kits

paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are a traditional part of Chinese New Year, and this set of paper lanterns from Baker Ross can be decorated with acrylic paint, fibre pens, stickers, glitter and beads. Each comes flat-packed with a metal frame and hanging cord.

Chinese New Year Colouring Pictures

Party Time

Chinese New Year is also time for a big celebration, with fireworks, food, feasts and parades. Here are some places to find those all-important party supplies to make your Chinese New Year Party the best yet!

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