Screen Time Rules and Reward Charts Printables

Screen Time Rules and Reward Charts Printables

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Are you trying to keep an eye on the amount of time that your children are spending using screens? Do you want to control or restrict the amount of time that your kids spend watching television, playing on computers and games consoles or staring at their phones or tablets?

In her bestselling book on how to take back control of your children's screen time, Calmer Easier Happier Screen Time, parenting expert Noël Janis-Norton recommends the use of rewards to earn limited amounts of screen time, earned by completing tasks such as chores, homework and music practice. A really good way to keep track of whether your kids have earned ther screen time is to have either a printable check list or by giving your kids tickets for their screen time.

Here are some great ideas for free printable screen time reward charts, checklists and reward tickets to keep track of whether the kids have earned their daily amount of screen time.

If you are wondering how much screen time your kids should be rewarded with, here are the current screen time guidelines for babies, children and teens.

Screen Time Rules and Reward Charts Printables

The Screen Time Rules

This printable makes a statement of intent for your screen time rules.

Free Printable Screen Time Checklists

Checklists to ensure that your kids have completed tasks before using computers, phones, tablets or games consoles.

If your kids are old enough to do chores this is a really good list.

This list from Australian website Stay at Home Mum covers lots of good ideas.

This printable checklist lets you choose which tasks that you want your child to complete to earn their screen time. You can change it from week to week and vary it for school holidays and breaks.

This checklist is suitable for younger children or those who are not yet reading.

I good list for the summer holiday, again for a younger child.

This is a good list for kids of mixed ages where some are reading and some can understand the pictures.

This list includes a lot of things to do to get the screen time.

This list is good for encouraging your child's creativity.

This good hybrid list requires some basic tasks to be completed, then screen time is earned with creative or academic tasks.

Lots of creative activity ideas on this list.

Printable Technology Tickets

These tickets are multi-purpose, so can be printed once and used over and over agin. Maybe you could print thhem on cardstock or laminate them to make them last longer.

These tickets can be used for any age.

This daily set of tickets cover a whole week's worth of screen time.

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