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The 21 Prettiest To Do Lists

That Will Make Any Chore Just A Little Bit Easier

I am one of the world's great listmakers - I make lists of EVERYTHING!

So I have lists of School Uniform to Buy, an ongoing Shopping List and lots and LOTS of To Do Lists.

Often they are list of things that are not much fun, so at least I like to make it a little less painful by using a Pretty To Do List.

These are 21 of my favourite free printable to-do lists.

Hearts and Flowers Free Printable To Do List

This is my own Pretty Pink To Do List that I created - gotta love a pink to do list!

This cute one has the most adorable butterfly.

This one has all my favourite shades of green and teal.

The peonies on this to do list are quite beautiful.

The blue tones of this one reminds me somehow of the Japanese painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

Simple, bold and business-like. Love it.

A symphony of lucious pink-ness. Yum!

More pink deliciousness with this floral beauty.

Back to cool and calm greens for this comprehensive printable to do list.

This list gives you a whole week's worth of reminders!

This cheerful list will make even the most dull tasks more bearable.

Pink ombre lusciousness makes this pretty pink to do list a favourite.

This list is bright and jolly, just the thing to cheer you up on a rainy Monday!

Keep your day completely organised with this list that lets you plan your day by morning, afternoon and evening.

Perfect for anyone who works from home, this to do list has sections for work and home life.

Keep Christmas under control with this cute snowman printable to do list.

Lovely and simple, this to do list will make the days tasks more bearable.

This bright and cheerful to do list has a border that reminds me of ikat designs.

This to do list would bring a smile to anyone's face!

To finish off, here is a super (and very pink!) free printable to do list which will keep your whole week organised.

Have you got the kids home for the school holidays? Download one of our free printable School Holiday Week Planners.

The 21 Prettiest To Do Lists

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