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Great Fire Of London Printable Wordsearch


Image Credit: FVI

The Great Fire Of London took place between 2nd to 6th September 1666. It destroyed much of the medieval City of London including St. Pauls Cathedral.

It is thought to have started in a bakery in Pudding Lane and spread rapidly due to strong winds and the fact that many homes and buildings at the time were made from wood. The fire was eventually prevented from spreading and causing further damage by the creation of firebreaks.

Estimates of the death toll at the time were remarkably low. The fire is also thought to have helped to curtail the spread of Bubonic Plague.

Here is a wordsearch with words about this historic event for anyone who is studying the Great Fire of London.

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Great Fire Of London Word Search

Can you find the words which are hidden in this Great Fire Of London puzzle?

Great Fire Of London Word Search

Great Fire Of London Word Search

If you are stuck with this wordsearch, here is the solution to this Great Fire Of London Puzzle on this website.

London's Burning

London's Burning Song Lyrics

The nursery rhyme "London's Burning" is all about the Great Fire of London. You can hear it in this video.

The song is often sung as a round, which means that one person starts singing, and then after two lines, another person starts from the start of the song. You can here this done in the video above.

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