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Chinese New Year Wordsearch & Anagrams

Chinese lanterns

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Celebrate Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) with this wordsearch and anagrams (word scrambles) about all the animals representing the different Chinese years.

Each year in the Chinese Calendar is represtented by one of twelve animals - tiger, dragon, snake, rabbit, goat, ox, horse, pig, dog, rooster, monkey and rat. If you don't know the animal represented by your year of birth, you can find out your Chinese Zodiac sign here with our Chinese Sign Finder by entering your day and year of birth.

Chinese New Year is a big family celebration and it is traditional to give gifts to children for Chinese New Year and any unmarried people who are guests in your home.

Here are some Chinese New Year gift ideas for children.

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Chinese New Year Wordsearch

Free Printable Chinese New Year Wordsearch

Chinese New Year Wordsearch

These printables are in PDF format and so can be downloaded to print off easily.

Chinese New Year Anagrams

Free Printable Chinese New Year Anagrams

Chinese New Year Anagrams

If you are stuck with either of these puzzles, here are the answers to these Chinese New Year puzzles.

More About Chinese New Year

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