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Bats Wordsearch


Bats are amazing creatures - the only mammals that can truly fly. These nocturnal creatures can "see" in the dark using sound. They and judge distances by sending out ultrasonic sounds (sounds that the human ear cannot hear) and listening for the echo of that sound.

Many bats are endangered species and so are protected in the UK and around the world.

Eurobats, an organisation set up to protect all 51 European bat species, organises Bat Night which takes place in more than 30 countries on the last full weekend of August. Bat fans can go on guided walks to see bats, as well as learning about bats and where they live.

Whether you love bats, are celebrating International Bat Night or are a big fan of Halloween, here is a free printable Bats wordsearch, which is in PDF format.

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Bats Wordsearch

Bats Wordsearch

Bats Wordsearch

If you are stuck here is the solution to the Bats Puzzle on this website.

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