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April Fools Day Printable Wordsearch

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April Fools Day is a day of mischief and merriment celebrated on 1st April each year.

Traditionally you can play tricks, jokes and pranks on ona another up until midday - but if you play any japes played after that hour, well, the joke is on you! When you catch someone out, you can shout "April Fool!" at them,

The tradition is followed in many countries around the world, including across Europe, and the US. In some European countries, an April fool's trick is greeted with the cry of "April Fish!", and a popular trick is to tape a paper fish to someone's back without them knowing.

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April Fools Day Word Search

Can you find the words related to April Fools Day which are hidden in this puzzle?

April Fools Day Word Search

April Fools Day Word Search

If you are stuck with this wordsearch, here is the solution to this April Fools Day Puzzle on this website.

For more printables we have a April Fool's Day Colouring Picture which is free to download.

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