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Free Printable Advent Calendars For Kids 2024

Free Printable Advent Calendars For Kids 2024

Advent calendars are such a fun part of Christmas, aren't they? The joy of Christmas is all in the anticipating the big day, and one of the most fun ways of building up all that excitement is by opening the door of an advent calendar every day in December, right up to Christmas Day on the 25th.

There are lots of types of advent calendar, from the ever popular chocolate filled advent calendar, containing a little Christmas treat for every day of advent, to a toy filled advent calendar with a fun toy gift for each day leading up to Christmas day.

The simplest calendar is the old-fashioned, classic paper or card advent calendar with a door to open for every day in December, behind which you will find a Christmas-themed picture. These may be on a religious theme, or feature the ever-popular themes of Santa Claus, snowmen, presents and holly.

But maybe times are tight this December; maybe you prefer a simple, pared down advent calendar that you can put on the refrigerator, pin to your noticeboard or blu-tac to the wall - or maybe you love advent calendars and want to have as many decorating your home as you can this year!

Free Printable Advent Calendars For Kids 2024

Free Printable Advent Calendars For Kids

A free printable advent calender is a fantastic way to have all the fun of counting down to Christmas day. There are lots of types to choose from;

  1. A simple festive Advent Calendar design printed with numbers. These are decorative, and you can cross off each day as you count down to Christmas.
  2. A blank Advent Calendar template. This type of printable advent calendar gives you lots of creative options. You can write in a fun Christmas activity for each day, or maybe the kids could draw their very own festive picture every day of advent.
  3. Build Your Own Advent Calendar. These are slightly (or a lot) more involved, where the printables give the the pattern or template to create your own advent calendar from paper or card.

Here is a collection of all our favourite free printable advent calendar designs, from simple print offs to serious craft projects! Here's everything you need to get the advent fun started on 1st December!

Free Printable Advent Calendar With Numbers

Cross off each day of advent or link the number to a Christmas activity or gift, these are the perfect advent calendars to put on your wall. Mind you, I think that some of these are far too pretty to draw on....

Free Printable Blank Advent Calendar Template

Free printable advent calendars with a space for you to write in a fun activity or draw your own pictures.

Build Your Own Advent Calendar

Build your own paper or card advent calendar. Project for seriously crafty kids.

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