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The 6 Rules of Sun Safety

A sunny day

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We all love a bit of sunshine - it is good for you, helping the body to produce vitamin D which is essential for keeping bones strong.

But too much sun is bad for everybody, no matter what colour your skin. Sunburn is not only painful and unpleasant, it increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

So here are the 6 rules that will keep you from getting sunburned and help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

The 6 Rules of Sun Safety

  1. Stay out of the Sun between 11am and 3pm This is when the sun is at its strongest and you are most likely to burn. Stay indoors or find some shade from trees, canopies or by carrying an umbrella or parasol.
  2. Wear a Hat  A big floppy hat with large brim is the best type to wear, but anything that covers your head is good.
  3. The 6 Rules of Sun Safety
  4. Use Sun Cream The higher the factor the better, but it should be at least SPF 15. Sun cream should be reapplied every 2 hours or after swimming.
  5. Wear Sunglasses Choose sunglasses that are CE marked or that have at least a UV 400 label or state that 100% UV protection is written on the label or sticker.
  6. Stay Hydrated Keep drinking fluids all day when it is hot - water is always the best choice!
  7. Wear a Long Sleeved Top Keep covered up with long loose clothes that cover your whole body. Not always what you want to do if it is hot, but it will protect your skin from sun damage. You can buy specialist sun protection clothing which are particularly good if you take part in activities that involve spending a lot of time out of doors.
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If you want to learn more about sun safety and the dangers of overexposure to the sun, Sun Awareness Week is an annual event organised by the British Assocaiation of Dermatologists to raise awarenes of the importance of sun safety.

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