The 5 Funniest Parenting Blogs That Will Have You Crying With Laughter

The 5 Funniest Parenting Blogs That Will Have You Crying With Laughter

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It's a tough life being a parent, and we all need to have a break. Quite often.

So when your little one has shouted "mum" for the 50th time before 8am, your baby has done a nuclear nappy and the other kid has just mentioned for the very first time that he is supposed to go to school today dressed as his favourite farm animal, can you rustle him up a dinosaur costume?

You need to know that You Are Not Alone.

I find that all through my parenting journey, reading the best parenting websites, forums and blogs has been really helpful, whether it is finding brilliant parenting hacks, advie, or just knowing that there are lots of other people out there having just the same dilemmas.

The 5 Funniest Parenting Blogs That Will Have You Crying With Laughter

So in the mad world of parenting here are the five funniest parenting bloggers that will make you cry with laughter - or is that just recognition?

Funniest Parenting Blogs

Just a warning - some of these sites are a bit sweary in places so you might also want to save them for naptime - just don't laugh so loud that you wake the baby OK!

  1. Hurrah For Gin
  2. Hurrah For Gin is the brainchild of Katie Kirby and consists of her own take on the trials and tribulations of parenting. Her posts are funny and relatable and accompanied by her trademark stick man cartoons.

    Her Topsy and Tim parodies are quite sublime. If you want to know where to to start read her legendary Topsy and Tim – The World Book Day Catastrophe which is a must read for anyone who has had to rustle up a costume for a themed day at school in 35 minutes flat.......

    If you need more there are two Hurrah For Gin Books available.

  3. I Know, I Need To Stop Talking
  4. Whether writing about the perils of Primark or the minutiae of life as a parent, I Know, I Need To Stop Talking can make it funny.

    Some of the funniest bits are the imagined diaries of her children, as they plot and plan on how to make Half Term as painful as possible, you will laugh in recognition at every scenario.

  5. People I Want To Punch In The Throat
  6. Jen Mann is the writer behind People I Want To Punch In The Throat, and while she covers all types of people on her blog, parenting and family is at the core of her humour.

    Competitive parents, celebrity mums and over-hyped novels are just some of her targets, buit it all comes back to family life. The blog has spawned a bunch of New York Times best selling books too.

    Funniest Parenting Blogs

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  7. Fowl Language Comics
  8. In spite of its name, Fowl Language Comics is one of the less rude funny parenting websites around. Brian Gordon draws cute cartoons featuring a family of ducks with a bunch of relatably human problems to contend with.

    The main danger I have with this website is that there is a "Random" button; it will give you a random cartoon every time you press it. Frankly I can lose hours doing this.

    Yes, there is a book of the cartoons available or you can buy a print of your favourite comic.

  9. Messy Cow
  10. My final choice is Messy Cow, another cartoon based humour blog written by Weng Chen and is all the more impressive because English is not her first language. Her lovely comics show her take on parenting illustrated by her own wide-eyed cartoon alter-ego and written in her charmingly idiosyncratic voice.

    She recently suggested that she would start to only publish her blog in Chinese. I really hope that this doesn't happen - I for one would really miss being able to read her own unique perspective on parenting.

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