What Type Of Parent Am I? -
Fun Parenting Quiz

What Type Of Parent Am I? - Fun Parenting Quiz

Image Credit: Marta Cuesta/eParenting

What sort of parent are you? Are you the type that likes hover over your kids every moment of the day? Perhaps you like to give them a great degree of freedom. Maybe you think you've got the balance just about right?

Why not try our absolutely and totally not-completely-serious-quiz to find out!

Question 1:

Fun Parenting Quiz

Image Credit: Cheryl Holt

Your child is yelling in the garden at the top of their voice. Do you

A) Know exactly what has happened because you never leave your child's side.

B) Look up to see what has happened. You are working somewhere you can see the kids clearly.

C) You didn't hear them yell, 'cos you've got the TV up too loud and you were busy taking a selfie to post on Instagram.

Question 2:

A Sandwich

Image Credit: LuckyLife11

You are making packed lunches for your offspring. Do you provide

A) Couscous salad, an organic banana and organic apple juice. Not forgetting the lunchbox note.

B) A cheese sandwich with wholemeal bread, an apple and a chocolate biscuit.

C) Dairylea Lunchables and a can of Coke.

Question 3:

Child Having a Tantrum

Your child is tantruming in the supermarket. The full works, spread-eagled on the floor and screaming at the top of their voice. Do you

A) Sit with them, explaining that you empathise and that you know how the supermarket affects their sensitive little soul.

B) Say 'bye and walk off, surreptitiously keeping an eye on them until they follow.

C) Tell them they can have some chocolate if they will just shut up.

Question 4:

Image Credit: Alberto Casetta

Where do you take the kids for a day out in the school holidays?

A) If they have a few spare days from their computor camp and sports coaching, you would take them to somewhere educational.

B) Adventure park, farm park or museum fun day.

C) MacDonalds, in the shopping centre.

Question 5:

How To 7 Steps To Being A Better Parent

Image Credit: ma-fa-lou

How do you prepare your children to go on holiday?

A) Immunise them against everything, buy factor 100 suntan cream, mosquito nets and sign them up for a crash course in the local language and customs.

B) Grab whatever sun cream you bought at the start of the summer, check they have a hat each and pack the diarrhoea tablets.

C) Find someone to look after them for the week while you go off with your partner.

Fun Parenting Quiz

About eParenting: eParenting was started by Jacqui O'Brien in 2004. At the time her kids were 1 and 4 and kept her nice and busy. Now they are teenagers and still keeping her pretty busy!

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