What's Your Child's Fashion Personality?

As soon as your child can make their own decisions they want to choose their clothes, and boy, can tantrums ensue just because it's too cold to wear shorts in six inches of snow!!!! Here are some of the most common fashion personalities. Does anyone you know appear her?

Babes in the Hood: Sportswear is their favourite, trainers, sweatpants and hooded tops are the only choice for the gangsta toddler. When they're young you think it's cute to put them in tiny versions of the top sportswear brands, but you've created a monster, and as they grow up only latest trainers and designer tee-shirts will do. If it isn't this season's strip it's in the bin, and that includes their bedding.

Designer: The brands are known the world over, this week it could be Adidas or O'Neill, next week Nike or No Fear is hotter.

On A Budget: The only hope is to get them used to the concept of discount outlets from a young age.

Rock Star: This kid wants a print tee-shirt, print shorts, red shoes with flashing lights and character socks. The more gaudy and clashing the clothes are, the better.

Designer: This kid was born to wear Versace and maybe Kenzo on days when they want something a little more restrained.

On A Budget: George at ASDA seems to have cornered the market in loud clothes especially for boys (thank heavens; boys clothes can be so boring). They are also excellent value and wash well.

Barbie Girl: You need sunglasses to open this girl's wardrobe as everything inside is pink, sparkly or preferably both. Maybe those shades are needed for the bedroom as the bedding, curtains and ornaments will all be every shade of pink. You start them with a doll and as they get older they want to dress up like Barbie herself.

Designer: Julien Macdonald, designer of barely-there red carpet frocks has designed a Barbie range for Mattel, stocked by Selfridges. Starting at £60 and going up to £250, this is for dedicated Barbie fans only.

On A Budget: Most chain stores from Marks and Spencer to BHS will be the Barbie Girl's spiritual home for wall to wall pink, with a trip to Claire's Accessories for extra sparkles.

Rugged Outdoor Type: Usually a boy, but girls do take to this look too. Jeans, cords and check shirts are the order if the day, and no worries about catching cold because thick socks and wellies feature big too.

Designer: The outdoor type is in luck because many designers include cord jackets and check shirts in their children's collections.

On A Budget: Gap is the usual first stop for the sturdy out door look, with Cherokee at Tesco the really affordable place for Big Country fashion such as combats and denims, but you could try a camping shop.

Hippy: The clothes may be as mismatched as the Rock Star's, but the colours are more faded and earthy, the prints smaller and more subtle.

Designer: Chloe, Monsoon and Laura Ashley are the un-hippy priced places to find hippy-chic.

On A Budget: Most chain stores from Marks and Spencer to the supermarkets will have the elements of this look, but for the real thing visit your local charity shop or fair-trade retailer.

About the Author: Jacqui O’Brien is the editor of eParenting.

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