Having Twins - How To Cope: A Personal Experience

The Callenges of Twins

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Being a parent is tough enough, so just imagine how hard it is if you have two - or 3 or even more - babies to deal with all at once!

Multiple births have a whole raft of challenges that the parents of a single baby don't have to contend with, from having to buy more of everything, having to divide your time between your babies and just trying to find the specialist information that anyone expecting twins or more neeeds to know.

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I've only ever had one baby at a time, so I can only imagine what you have to cope with when you have a multiple birth.

However Delyth Raffell knows all about this, and having given birth to twins herself. She used her own experience to run the website Twins UK for many years which has advice for parents of multiples as well as stocking those hard-to-track-down products that make life with twins or more that little bit easier.

She has recently founded the charity Freedom for Kids which helps families with disabled children find the right specialist pushchairs and mobility equipment.

She has very kindly written four guest posts here about how she coped with the many challenges of looking after twin babies and how to stay sane at the same time!

1) How To Prepare For Having Twins

Preparing for the Birth of Twins explains how she got ready for giving birth to twins and what she would have like to have done differently!

She also has advice on what you need to buy for twins (it's not just two of everything!) and where to find it.

2) How To Cope With Twins in the First weeks

Coping in the First Few Weeks With Twins Having twins is a life changing experience.

Delyth explains how she coped with her twins being in a Special Care Baby Unit and then how she got organised in the first few weeks that the babies were home.

3) How To Live With Twins

The Practical Issues of Twins From how to feed two babies, how to get out of the house with two babies and how to actually get any sleep!

4) Self Care When You Have Twins

Looking After Your Own Needs When You Have Twins is really important.

Here Delyth writes about how she dealt with the issues that arose within her relationship with her partner, her work and how she made sure that she stayed sane through it all.

Twins in a stroller

Triple Trouble?

In this guest article by maternity nurse, parental advisor and baby care consultant Alison Scott-Wright, she explains how she got Triplets to Sleep Through The Night By 9 Weeks! Alison was the winner of Channel 4's "Who Knows Best", a programme all about successfully getting babies to sleep.

How to prepare for the birth of twins, how to cope with twins in the first few weeks, the practical issues of having twins and how to care for yourself as the mother of twins.

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