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Mayan Gender Predictor Calculator

A Mayan Temple

Image Credit: Raquel Moss

One of the many popular ways that mums to be try and guess the gender of their baby is by turning to ancient and mystical methods.

Long before there were ultrasounds and 3D imaging of babies in the womb, mums wanted to try and find out what the sex of their baby would be.

Boy or Girl?! When you are expecting, you are always curious to know. One of the many popular ancient methods of predicting gender is the Mayan Gender Predictor. The ancient Mayans of central America were very advanced both scientifically and culturally.

This gender prediction method involves just a little bit of maths; you need to take the age of the mother at conception, and the number of the month that you concieved your baby in.

Mayan Gender Predictor Calculator

If both numbers are odd, or both numbers are even, you are having a girl.

If one of them is an even number and the other is an odd number, you are having a boy.

Of course this method is just a bit of fun, and not at all based on science! You can only be 100% sure of your baby's gender when they are born, although modern ultrasound techniques can identify gender very accurately.

The Mayan Gender Predictor

Just enter the mother's age at conception and the month that your baby was conceived.

Month of Conception

Mother's Age At Conception

If you are more of a visual person you can try to guess the gender of your baby with the Mayan Gender Predictor Chart which will give you the same answer as this calculator.

Just a reminder that the Mayan Gender Predictor Calculator is purely for entertainment purposes and has no scientific basis.

You should always consult a qualified medical practitioner with any questions you have about your baby's sex.

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