Choosing Maternity Clothes

What Advice To Ignore!

There is a lot of fashion advice available for the newly pregnant. Well I've read plenty and a lot of it doesn't actually work.

The first bit of advice, mostly given by celebrities or fashionistas is:-

"Don't buy maternity clothes; just buy your usual style of clothing in larger sizes!"

Everyone's pregnancy is different. Some women's bumps barely show. Some of us resembled obese elephants, but most will have a noticeable bump. Now being pregnant is not like putting on a bit of weight. Your body changes shape and you will start to feel pretty uncomfortable if your clothes are not shaped to fit a bump. Skirts will ride up and look alarmingly short. Oversized tops won't fit on the shoulders and will become too tight around your stomach.

This advice may work for the first couple of months, (and give you some clothes to wear straight after the birth), but you will probably have to buy maternity in the end.

The next is that little joke that you see on the labels of maternity wear.

"Just buy your normal size; it will fit throughout your pregnancy!"

Don't rush out and blow your whole maternity wear budget at the start of your pregnancy. You may find by the end you need to wear one or even two sizes of maternity clothes larger than your original dress size. It depends on how much weight you put on.

"Cheer yourself up by painting your toenails."

If you can reach them, and if you can stand the smell of nail varnish.

"Celebrity X/Y/Z looks glamorous all through their pregnancy!"

No, they don't! They spent hours getting dressed with the help of an assistant for a special event and spent the rest of the pregnancy slobbing around in sweatpants just like the rest of us.

You should be able to find maternity clothes whatever your usual style. And if shopping with morning sickness is too much to bear, lots can be bought online - see our Maternity Wear Section for both high street and high fashion. If you usually dress smartly for work, suddenly turning up in combats and a cardie will just not do. Maternity suits are available in all price ranges from places like , Next, Funmum and many more.

You will want to buy your nursing bras in advance, but of course you don't really know what size you will need, and you certainly won't want to go shopping straight after the birth. The quoted rule of thumb is to buy them at 36 weeks.

"Buy clothes that you will be able to wear after the pregnancy."

Trust me you will be so bored of your maternity wear that you won't ever want to see it again. Until the next time....

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