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Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator 2024

Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator 2024

Image Credit: CFVI/eParenting

Are you expecting a baby? I'm sure that one of the questions at the forefront of your mind is, what sex will my baby be?

Will my baby be a girl or a boy?

If you can't wait for your result from a scan, then the Chinese Gender Predictor is a fun way to predict the gender of your unborn child.

This, of course, has absolutely no scientific basis, remember that it is just a bit of fun. And of course, there is always at least a 50% chance it will be right!

The legend is that the Chinese Gender Predictor was allegedly rediscovered on a chinese tomb and is over 700 years old. It is all based on the lunar calendar.

Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator 2024

Here is our Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator, which is based on the original Chinese Gender Predictor Chart.

Just enter the month of conception and your age at conception using the drop-down boxes.

Month of Conception

Mother's Age At Conception

Just a reminder that the Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator is purely for entertainment purposes and has no scientific basis. You should always consult your medical practitioner with any questions you have about your baby's sex.

If you would like something a bit more scientific, here are the 5 most accurate ways of predicting a baby’s gender, from science.

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