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10 Baby Shower Game Ideas - Unique & Fun Printable Party Games

10 Baby Shower Game Ideas - Unique & Fun Printable Party Games

Image Credit: Natalie Chaney

Baby showers are a fun way to get all your friends and family together for an afternoon or evening, celebrating the future arrival of your precious baby.

If you are planning a baby shower, you may be wondering if there are any ideas for fun things to do at a baby shower - something to make the party extra special for everyone attending. Well, there are lots of fun games that you can play as part of your baby shower.

Here are my 10 favourite printable games to play at a baby shower, and all of them can be put together by whoever is organising the baby shower.

You can also find lots of free or very affordable printable games for a baby shower, which will take all the hard work out of thinking up baby shower game ideas.

As a bonus, if any of your attendees cannot come along, but want to attend virtually, via Zoom, Skype or Teams they can still join in all of the fun if you send them the printables!

10 Baby Shower Game Ideas - unique & fun printable party game ideas for your baby shower.

10 Printable Baby Shower Game Ideas

  1. Who Knows Mum The Best?
  2. This is an absolutely classic baby shower game, and it is SO simple! Just list some questions about Mum, such as her middle name, favourite colour or any funny little fact and see how many of your guests know the answers. This fun printable Who Knows Mum Game includes a classic question set.

  3. What's In The Nappy Bag?
  4. What's In The Nappy Bag? is another really simple idea. Get a bag and put baby-related items inside. Get your guests to try and guess what the items are. Ten is a good number of items to choose.

    If they are struggling for ideas (maybe not many of Mum's friends are parents themselves) you can give clues or let them feel the bag to help the players.

  5. Guess The Children's Book
  6. Most people have a favourite book from childhood - but can you guess the popular childrens books from the emoji's? Guess The Children's Book will get you all reminicing about your most loved children's stories.

  7. Baby Bingo
  8. What gifts will the Mum-to-be recieve at ther shower. Pass round these Baby Bingo Cards when the gift opening begins and cross off the gifts as they are opened.

  9. The Price Is Right
  10. The Price Is Right is just like the popular TV gameshow - go online or use a catalogue to find some typical items that a baby needs, for example a pack of nappies, a crib, booties, a pushchair etc.

    Then ask your guests to guess how much these items typically cost. (This could be a shock for first-time parents....)

    10 Baby Shower Game Ideas - Unique & Fun Printable Party Games

    Image Credit: M. Morris

  11. Baby Face Mix & Match
  12. We all wonder what our kids are going to look like, so here is a fun way to guess how baby will look. To play Baby Face Mix'n'Match, get together pictures of both Mum and Dad and cut them into strips to separate the eyes, nose, mouth, chin etc.

    Now mix them up between both parents, and see the possible results.

  13. Baby Facts - True or False
  14. How much do you and your friends actually know about babies? Baby Facts - True or False is not just fun, you could learn lots of important facts!

  15. Animal Gestation Quiz
  16. We all know that human babies take around nine months to grow before they are born, but what about the animal kingdom? See if your guests know the answers to the Animal Gestation Quiz - does an elephant stay pregnant longer than a Llama? Who will give birth first, a cat or a mouse?

  17. Baby Traits Guessing Game
  18. How do you think your baby will take after their parents? Will they have mum's eyes, dad's running ability, or will it cook better than both of them!

    Check off each trait on the Baby Traits Guessing Game printable and see how many of you agree. The most votes for each trait is the winner. Keep hold of your answers and when baby gets older, see just how right or wrong you all were.

  19. Name The Baby Song
  20. This is the perfect game for music lovers. So many of the greatest songs of all time have the word baby in the title - but can you complete these song titles?

    Name The Baby Song is a fun game that will remind new parents of the times when being awake at 2am meant partying - not night feeds.

  21. Baby Shower Mad Libs
  22. I just couldn't leave this game out. Get your guests hooting with laughter as they help create the craziest baby advice that a Mum-to-be ever recieved!

    Choose words unique to the host with these Baby Shower Mad Libs templates, which are also raising money for Motor Neurone Disease charities.

  23. Pregnancy Wordsearch
  24. Pregnancy Wordsearch

    This free printable pregnancy wordsearch includes lots of words and terms all to do with pregnancy - can you find all the pregnancy related vocabulary hidden in the puzzle?

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