New Kids DVD Releases July - August 2005

New Kids DVD Releases July - August 2005

This summer you can relive your childhood with the DVDs out on release during June, July and August.

The Magic Roundabout sees a reeboot, and kids favourite Winnie the Pooh finally meets a heffalump and find out if a Zebra could win the Kentucky Derby…..

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The Magic Roundabout (Cert U) is the film that any parent who grew up in the ‘70s was waiting to see! I’m still trying to get my brain around Robbie Williams as Dougal and Kylie as Florence, but Joanna Lumley as Ermintrude and Bill Nighy as Dylan sounds like perfect casting to me.

Add Tom Baker as the baddy and you have a nostalgia fest the whole family can enjoy!

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Racing Stripes (Cert U) is a sentimental tale of an abandoned zebra brought up on a Kentucky farm in sight of Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.

No one told him he was a zebra though, and he refuses to believe that he cannot compete with the thoroughbreds. The film has a good pedigree (sorry, couldn’t resist) with voices from Dustin Hoffman, Whoopi Goldberg and Frankie Muniz.

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Pooh's Heffalump Movie (Cert U). Pooh and the gang finally meet their Nemesis in this film!

With the usual voices you will know and love from the previous films and TV shows plus the sublime Brenda Blethyn and music from Carly Simon, this is a must for Pooh's huge legion of fans.

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Son of the Mask (Cert PG) is the follow up to ‘The Mask’ which made Cameron Diaz a star and Jim Carrey an even bigger one. The mask is found by an aspiring cartoonist’s dog and begins to cause its usual mayhem, which then gets much more complicated when Loki, Lord of Mischief turns up to claim his mask back.

With our own Bob Hoskins and Alan Cummings starring and special effects from the team who made ‘Cat’s & Dogs’ this is great entertainment for the family.

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