Kids Movies on DVD January - February 2008


Ratatouille (U) Remy has dreamed his whole life of being a chef. There is just one problem; he is a rat, and rats are not too popular in kitchens. However when he befriends the garbage boy in the kitchen of his culinary hero, he has his chance to become a top chef. Featuring the voices of Peter O’Toole, Janeane Garafolo and Sir Ian Holm.
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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew (PG) Super Sleuth Nancy Drew is back. Against her father's wishes, the teenage detective investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of famous actress Dehlia Draycott. Stars Emma Roberts, Rachael Leigh Cook and Max Thieriot.
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Daddy Day Camp

Daddy Day Camp (PG) is the follow up to 2003's Daddy Day Care, in which two entrepreneurial stay-at-home dads started a day care centre.Starring Cuba Gooding and Paul Rae, this time they take over running a dilapidated summer day camp, and have to battle declining enrolments, the threat of foreclosure and a rivalry with the posh rival camp next door.
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