Free Printable Letter From Santa

Personalised Father Christmas Letters

Free Printable Personalised Father Christmas Letters

Can you imagine how your child's face will light up when they receive a letter from Santa, personalised with their name this Christmas? A letter all the way from Father Christmas' Workshop in snowy Lapland, letting them know that he has a present just for them?

A letter from Santa is part of the magic of Christmas.

Now you can create your own free printable letter from Father Christmas, personalised just for them with their name, their age, and where they live.

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The personalised aspect is particularly important. They will love being sure that Father Christmas has got a gift for them and their family and friends too.

Free Personalised Printable Father Christmas Letters

Just fill in your child's details in the boxes below, and view your letter. If you want to change anything, click on the back button and make your changes. When you are happy with your letter just print it off!

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Make Your Child's Letter from Santa Now!

1) First choose your background

Free printable personalised Father Christmas Letter Design Number 1

Free printable personalised Father Christmas Letter Design Number 2

Free printable personalised Father Christmas Letter Design Number 3

2) Now enter your child's details.

Your Child's Name

Your Child's Age

Your Location

Sibling/Best Friend

3) Print our your letter, place it in an envelope and put it on the doormat! Or you could post it so that the Postperson can deliver it - kids LOVE to get mail.

How To Print Your Father Christmas Letter

Once you are happy with your letter, here is how you print it off.

See those three little vertical dots on the right-hand side of your screen next to the place where you see the web address?

Click on that and you should see a drop down menu. Click on print and you should see your Father Christmas Letter in the print dialogue box as a preview. If you are happy with what you see, click print!

If you cannot see the colourful border of your Father Christmas letter, go into your printer settings, (you may need to go into the section marked advanced settings) and check the box marked 'background images'.

More Free Christmas Printables

Remember, it is not only children who love to get a letter from Santa - adults love them too! Why not make them for your partner, friends or other family members.

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