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The British love to complain about the weather, and if you love to ski, let's face it you do rather have the issue that most of the UK is too warm for skiing, most of the time.

In fact Scotland is the the only part of the UK which combines being both cold enough for any length of time, and mountainous enough to do any serious skiing.

But of course, there is a solution; in the UK there are 6 snowdomes - indoor ski centres where you can ski and snowboard on real (created) snow. Of course to keep the snow from melting, they also give you the real experience of snowing in the cold, with temperatures in the domes kept at around the -2°Centigrade mark.

These snowdomes give the the chance to try out skiing on real snow, even if you can't go abroad to the ski slopes of Europe or the USA. Snowdomes offer ski classes for beginners and more advanced skiers, you can hire the full set of equipment if you are just trying out skiing for the first time. This is particularly good if you want to go skiing with kids. Your long awaited faily skiing holiday will go a bit more smoothly if the kids have had the chance to try skiing before you land at a ski resort.

If you are a bit more confident in skis you can take the opportunity to try out snowboarding, or have a go at tubing, Ringo slide, tobogganing and they even have a ski lift for the full skiing experience.

So let's wrap up warm and head off to the snow!

Indoor Snowdome Skiing Centres in the UK

There is a 7th Snowdome planned for the UK - in Swindon, run by the owners of Hemel Hempstead's Snow Centre and based at Swindon’s North Star Leisure Complex.

Originally planned to open in 2020, building work is still in progress and an opening date has not yet been announced.

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