When you take your kids to a play area or adventure playground, do you ever get a bit, well, jealous? Watching them having all the fun while you have to sit around reading the paper? Well, Bewilderwood is for you!

Bewilderwood is a giant sized adventure playground located near Norwich, which has tree houses, zip wires, jungle bridges, Crocklebogs, boat trips and marsh walks. And everything is big enough for adults to join in the fun.

Crocklebogs I hear you say? What on earth is a Crocklebog? Well Bewilderwood not only has lots of cool places to clamber over but is a whole fantasy world which has been created in deepest Norfolk. It’s a world of faeries, goblins and mystical creatures who share the adventure park with the visitors.

You can start with a boat ride to the main part of the park or walk if you don’t want to wait. When you arrive there, you can run wild over anything you like – there’s no set course to follow. You can climb, slide and swing to your heart’s content.


It’s probably best for kids 5 years and over, as while there are a few things for the younger ones to do, it is kids who want a real climbing adventure who will get the most out of a day here.

There are quite a few food outlets around the park, mostly serving coffee, snacks and ice cream. There is hot food but this consists of hot dogs, so don’t go expecting to get a sit down meal. There are also plenty of picnic areas if you want to take your own food.

I would thoroughly recommend Bewilderwood as a great day out for a family where everyone gets a chance to play!

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About The Author: Jacqui O’Brien is the editor of eParenting. Photos by Alan O’Brien.

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