Rangoli Colouring Pictures

Beautiful rangoli colouring pictures - free printables

Rangoli are decorative designs made on the floors of both living rooms and outdoor areas during Hindu festivals such as Diwali.

The patterns are usually created with materials, including coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or even flower petals.

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For these Rangoli colouring pictures you only need pencils, pens, paints or crayons, but you could use sand, glitter or rice by putting glue onto the paper then sprinkling the power onto it.

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Teardrop Rangoli Colouring Picture

Teardrop Rangoli Printable Colouring Picture

Teardrop Rangoli Colouring Picture

Round Rangoli Colouring Picture

Round Rangoli Printable Colouring Picture

Round Rangoli Colouring Picture

Rangoli with Diya Colouring Picture

Rangoli with Diwa Printable Colouring Picture

Rangoli with Diya

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