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Eat The Frog Colouring Picture Template


Image Credit: Jack Hamilton

Do you know what Eat The Frog Means?!

Eat The Frog is a way of helping to prioritise your tasks and avoid procrastination. The idea is that if you had to eat a live frog every day, it would be the most horrible thing that you had to do that day. So you would want to get it over with as quickly as possible right?

So you should do it first thing in the morning, then all the rest of the tings that you need to do that day will not be as bad. You also will not be thinking about and dreading the awful thing (eating the frog) all day.

So you have to "find your frog" each day - the difficult task that you are dreading the most. Then do it first thing. The day can only get better!

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Here is a cute free printable colouring picture template to remind you to eat that frog every day!

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Eat The Frog Colouring Picture - Printable

Eat The Frog Free Printable Colouring Picture

Eat The Frog Colouring Picture

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