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Earth Day Colouring Pictures

Earth Day

Photo by Fateme Alaie

Earth Day is an annual event which in is held on 22nd April each year, and to mark that day we have produced some colouring pictures about the environment and recycling.

The aim of Earth Day is to raise awareness of the environmental issues which face the planet Earth. The official Earth Day website has lots of information about what Earth Day stands for, and how to celebrate it.

To celebrate Earth Day these Earth Day free printable colouring pages of the recycling symbol and the Earth Day date - 22nd April - which can be coloured in and put on your wall to remind us all of the importance of looking after our environment.

Printing Tips for Earth Day Colouring Pictures

  1. Only print off/copy as many printables as you need.
  2. Print on both sides of the paper.
  3. Recycle your printable when you have finished with it.

These printables are free for personal and educational use only. They are not to be copied, reproduced, sold or distributed without prior permission of eParenting.

You may also like to try this Earth Day Wordsearch as well.

Earth Day Colouring Picture

This printable shows our planet, with the date of Earth Day, the annual day to remember the importance of protecting our environment.

Earth Day Colouring Picture

Earth Day Colouring Picture

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Recycling Logo Colouring Picture

This colouring picture shows the universally recognised symbol for recycling.

Recycling Logo Colouring Picture

Recycling Logo Colouring Picture

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