10 Inspirational and Funny Winnie The Pooh Quotes

10 Inspirational and Funny Winnie The Pooh Quotes That You Will Love

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Once upon a time, a father began to tell bedtime stories to his son. The stories were about the little boy's adventures in a friendly wood and his companions in these stories were all his favourite toys - a donkey, a piglet, a tiger and a kangaroo. His favorite toy, however, was a stuffed bear that he had named Winnie-the-Pooh, after a bear that he had seen in London Zoo.

It is true to say that Pooh Bear - as he became known - was not the cleverest bear in the world, but he was loyal and kind and always ready to help his friends.

The father, A. A. Milne, began to write down the stories and poems that he wrote for his son Christopher Robin and eventually they were published. The first collection of stories was simply called Winnie-the-Pooh (1926), and this was followed by The House at Pooh Corner (1928). Milne also included a poem about Winnie-the-Pooh in his book of children's verse When We Were Very Young (1924) and several poems about Winnie the Pooh and his friends appeared in Now We Are Six (1927). All of these books were illustrated by E. H. Shepard

The books were exraordinarily successful and have been turned into stage plays, radio shows TV series and of course the hugely popular Disney animations that brought Winnie the Pooh (it was Disney who removed the hyphens from his name) to a whole new generation of children.

Although he did not realise it, being a Bear of Little Brain, Pooh Bear was a true philosopher. In honour of Winnie the Pooh Day, which is celebrated on 18th January each year - A. A. Milne's Birthday - here are 10 of Winnie-the-Pooh's sweetest and most inspirational quotes.

10 Inspirational and Funny Winnie The Pooh

10 Inspirational Winnie the Pooh Quotes

  1. There is something you must always remember....
  2. This is possibly the best known and most iconic Winnie the Pooh quote of them all; however it wasn't actually written by A.A. Milne, it was written by those people at Disney.

  3. I always get where I'm going...
  4. A very wise observation.

  5. As soon as I saw you I knew....
  6. Pooh Bear looking forward to an adventure with his friends.

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  7. How do you spell love?
  8. Awwww!

  9. I think the bees suspect something
  10. Pooh begins to realise that getting some honey will not be as easy as he thought.

  11. People say nothing is impossible...
  12. Another piece of wisdom from Winnie the Pooh.

  13. You can't stay in the corner of the forest waiting...
  14. A true friend, Pooh always speaks words of gentle encouragement.

  15. Doing nothing often leads to the very best....
  16. Pooh shows his existential side.

  17. Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon
  18. Winnie the Pooh demonstrates the path to true happiness.

  19. Oh Bother
  20. Always calm in the face of adversity, this was Pooh Bear's usual response to any problem.

If you are not a bear of little brain you might want to have a go at these Winnie the Pooh puzzles with a wordsearch and anagrams to try.

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