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Where To Send A Letter To Santa This Christmas

Where To Send A Letter To Santa This Christmas

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Christmas is coming and the kids are getting excited. They know just what they want Santa to bring them this year in 25th December!

Are your kids so excited, that they've written a letter to Santa to tell him just what they want? Have they put it in an envelope and begged for a stamp?

Yes! - now where are you actually going to post it to?

Where To Send A Letter To Santa This Christmas

Now as everyone knows, Santa is very busy at this time of year. He's is supervising the elves as they rush to make presents for every boy and girl, brushing down the reindeer's coats, polishing Rudolph's nose, making a list and checking it twice....

So for Christmas 2023 Royal Mail are helping Santa out by replying to the letters that children send, just to make sure that he has time to get everything done by Christmas Eve.

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Where To Send A Letter To Santa in the UK

So when you’ve written your letter to Santa, put it in an envelope and you must put a stamp on it. Then address it to:-

Santa Claus / Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

If you would like a letter in Welsh, do not worry, as Santa understands every language so of course he speaks Welsh!

You can address your letter and have your reply in Welsh too. If you’d like that, send your letter to:

Sion Corn
Ogof Sion Corn
Gwlad Y Ceirw

The Post Office advise that you remember to:

The Post Office can't guarantee a reply to any letters posted after 30th November. However Santa will try to get a reply to you, and you can download a card from him here if you are too late for this year, or you just can't wait.

If you have cards and parcels to send to your friends and family here are the last posting dates from the UK this year.

Now remember to leave Santa a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph on Christmas Eve, won't you?

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