Tips for the Perfect Guy Fawkes Night Party


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Guy Fawkes Night is great fun to celebrate - with fireworks, bonfires and yummy food so if you are planning your own celebration this year, here are some tips on making it fun and safe.

Have Fun, Stay Safe

If you are planning on setting off your own fireworks rather than attending an organised display remember to follow the fireworks code (see below) and show consideration for your neighbours by not setting them off too late at night.

If you thinking of actually lighting a bonfire, check your local council’s Bonfire Regulations for permissible times and what may or may not be burnt. (Composting is a much better way of disposing of garden waste by the way…..).

If you prepare your bonfire in advance, remember that hibernating hedgehogs may creep into the pile if it looks cosy, so check before you set it alight.

Free Printables for Bonfire Night: Guy Fawkes Night Printables

Choose Your Music!

We all know about Handel’s Fireworks music, but how about Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture? With its cannons works well, and if like me you love good pun, how about Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire or Light My Fire, originally by The Doors and covered by many others, The Unforgettable Fire by U2, Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown?

You probably have your own favourites.

Food Is The Best Bit

For a traditional bonfirn night snack, you should serve baked potatoes cooked in the bonfire.

They can be wrapped in tinfoil and the long, slow cooking time makes them delicious. For the impatient, you can always start them off in the microwave, without the tinfoil wrapping, of course.

The other tradition is bonfire toffee, dark, sweet, treacle toffee with just a slightly burnt taste. This can be eaten alone or used to make toffee apples.

There are lots of bonfire night recipes to try at BBC Food including bonfire toffee, lots of warming cassaroles and stews as well as toffee apple muffins. For another tasty dessert idea, you could make this quick and easy Bonfire Brownies recipe.

The Fireworks Code

Stay safe and follow the fireworks code. For reference you can print off a free printable Fireworks Code Colouring Picture.

For more information about fire safety visit The Fire Service website, and have a fun and safe Guy Fawkes night next November the 5th!

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