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Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March

Image Credit: Timothy Muza

Pi is the mathematical constant that determines the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it's diameter, and the area of a circle to it's radius. It is represented by the greek letter p.

When Is Pi Day Celebrated?

Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March each year.

So, What Is Pi Day About?

Pi's value is usually taken to be 3.14, hence March 14th, March being the third month.

So basically, it is a gag on the date.

How Do I Celebrate Pi Day?

To celebrate the day, you can:-

The official website of Pi Day can be found at piday.org, where you can find out more about the day and even see Pi calculated to 1 million digits.

Can You Be Serious For A Moment?

If your kids are struggling with using Pi to find the area and circumference of circles, there is a good explanation on BBC Bitesize, with a video and practice questions.

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