30+ Non Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

30+ Non Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Do you love Halloween but dread the sugar overload that it always entails?

You can save the kids teeth and your sanity with these non-candy Halloween treat ideas. They are also a really cool idea for kids with allergies, for prizes at Halloween parties and to put in a Halloween party favor bag.

All these are great treat ideas for anyone taking part in The Teal Pumpkin Project too!

Non Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

  1. A gift card - lots of retailers have cute Halloween themed designs.
  2. Halloween Stickers are available all over in October.
  3. Frankenstein Halloween Rubber Band Bracelets look so much fun!
  4. Toy spiders - find them at a pound or dollar store, or at a craft shop such as Hobbycraft.
  5. Face paint - then they can make their own gruesome Halloween look!
  6. Temporary Tattoos. These ones are have lots of cute designs which are perfect for kids. 144 Assorted Halloween Temporary Tattoo for Kids
  7. Gloves It can be cold out when you are trick or treating in late October. They can also be found cheaply at supermarkets or Pound/Dollar stores.
  8. Bubbles. Bubbles are great fun for everyone. If you cant find any themed Halloween bubbles here are some cool free printable Halloween bubble labels.
  9. Masks. Halloween is the season for dressing up and disguise. These Halloween Foam Masks are perfect as party favors or prizes.
  10. Erasers are a super small non-candy gift for any occasion - plus they are useful for school too.

  11. A T-shirt for Halloween is a great small gift - go for classic goth black, slime green (see what I did there) or blood red.
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  13. Bats are another toy that you can pick up at a Pound/Dollar store
  14. Wind-up Walking Chattering Teeth are a fun Halloween treat - although they may drive you mad after a while.....
  15. Make your Own Halloween Rock Monster Gifts
  16. A Bouncy Rubber Ball. These Glow in the Dark Eyeballs are a great idea for Halloween.
  17. Pencils. I admit I am a bit of a stationary junkie, so are my kids and I love pencils anytime! Halloween ones are usually available around this time of year.
  18. A Flashing Ghost? What's not to like?
  19. Halloween Notebooks. These super cute 36 Piece Halloween Spiral Notepads are so cool.
  20. Pens more stationary I know but they do make a great gift.
  21. Go Goth with some black nail polish from any local pharmacy.
  22. A Halloween colouring book would be a really popular Halloween gift. Your local bookstore or craft shop should turn up some great possibilities at a resonable price.
  23. Googley Eye Glasses are a classic Halloween toy.
  24. Socks another cool non-candy Halloween gift.
  25. Bendable Zombies. If all zombies were this cute you wouldn't run away would you?
  26. I am totally smitten with these Halloween Rubber Duckies
  27. Make some of these Halloween Cootie Catchers
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  29. Lego Halloween Bat & Pumpkin Set Super cute!
  30. Rubber stamps You could give Halloween themed stamps (or whatever is cool this year).
  31. Lend an eerie glow to your Halloween night with this Halloween LED Pumpkin
  32. A Toothbrush means that at least the kids can clean up their teeth after eating all the other candy gifts they recieve!
  33. Barry the Bat would be a fun guest at your Halloween party!
  34. These fun Stretchy Skeletons come in lots of bright colours.
  35. These Pumpkin Felt Pencil toppers are another cool gift that you could make.

30+ Non Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

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