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40 Things To Do For Mother's Day 2024

Chocolates in Heart-Shaped Box

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Mothers Day is celebrated in March in the UK and May in the US.

Now, I'm not saying that Mum won't appreciate a box of chocs or some beautiful flowers on Mother's Day. But perhaps you want to do more?

If you want to spend some special together time, here are some ideas for fun things you can do with your beloved mother on Mother’s Day.

Things To Do For Mother's Day

  1. Take Mum to the beach or lake for the day. Don't forget to take a picnic too!
  2. Why not have a DIY spa day at home with homemade face masks and scrubs.
  3. If your Mum is the adventurous type, take your her to an amusement park or water park for the day.
  4. Head for heights? Go on a hot air balloon ride together.
  5. If your mum is a fan of fine wine, have a wine tasting at home or at a vineyard nearby.
  6. You Mother's day trip does not need to be expensive or involve a lot of travel - take her to see the sunrise or sunset at a beautiful location nearby.
  7. If the weather is good (OK, in March in the UK there are no guarantees!) have an outdoor barbecue or lunch with family and friends.
  8. Go on a fun boat ride together or rent kayaks or paddleboards for the day.
  9. Take her to see a live theatre show with all the family.
  10. If the weather lets you down, have an indoor picnic with blankets and pillows in your living room or bedroom.
  11. Go on a nature walk or go for a hike and have a picnic lunch in the park or forest nearby.
  12. Escape rooms and virtual puzzle adventures are becomeing more and more popular. Take mum to an escape room and solve puzzles together as a team.
  13. Have an afternoon tea party with homemade scones and delicate sandwiches.
  14. If your mother is a sports fan, take her to see live sports game or match.
  15. Have a movie afternoon and snuggle up on the sofa with a favourite movie.
  16. Saddle up and go on a horseback riding adventure together.
  17. Let's Dance! Take her to see live ballet or dance performance.
  18. Have an indoor game night with board games, quizzes and not forgetting those all-important snacks!
  19. Another idea that does not need to cost any money is to take an architectural tour of your city or town.
  20. If Mum is a culture vulture, she might like to see a live opera performance.
  21. Have an indoor scavenger hunt with clues and riddles, ending with a nice prize. remeber to let Mum win!
  22. Go on an outdoor adventure like zip lining, rock climbing or bungee jumping if your mother has nerves of steel.
  23. Take her to see live symphony orchestra performance if she loves music.
  24. Have an indoor painting party with canvas, paints and brushes. Create a gallery for all your pictures at the end of the painting party. Wine may improve your painting....
  25. Find some really bad Mother's Day jokes and laugh until you all cry.
  26. Make a playlist of her favourite tunes.
  27. Have a Crafternoon with a selection of craft kits.
  28. What Mum may want is just a break - offer to help out with something she always does.
  29. Write a truly heartfelt message in her Mother's Day card.
  30. Ask your Mum to tell you about her childhood and her memories of her own Mother.
  31. Make her breakfast in bed. But remember not to wake her up too early!
  32. Take her to the movies and enjoy the silver screen together.
  33. Born to shop? Go on a shopping spree together.
  34. It's a classic for Mother's Day; take her out for brunch or dinner.
  35. Go on a surprise road trip and explore somewhere new.
  36. Go and have a professional photoshoot and have the pictures as a beautiful memory of your day.
  37. Go on a bike ride together.
  38. Take her to an art exhibition.
  39. Singing together is something humans have done for millennia. Have a karaoke night at home and belt out all her favourite tunes
  40. Is your Mum a night owl? Go stargazing on a clear night.

So there are lots of ideas for thing to do with your mum for Mother's Day. I hope these ideas help you plan something special for your mother!

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