Guide To A Truly Enchanting Halloween

This article was kindly provided by Marks & Spencer

When the 31st October is just around the corner, parents and kids across the land start whipping up homemade Halloween costumes and perfecting pumpkin lanterns for a night of ghoulish goings-on.

When children are knocking on the door hoping for handfuls of goodies, it's easy to ply them with junk without considering what you might be feeding them. Of course, Halloween and sweeties go hand in hand, but you can make sure that you choose sensible treats ..all M&S Halloween foods are completely free from additives, hydrogenated fats and much of the range is nut free - important when you don't know what allergies your spooky little visitors might have!

Marks & Spencer Halloween range offers a wicked choice that will charm children of all ages. There are also a range of ghoulish Halloween Costumes to choose from so that kids really look and feel the spooky part.

M&S top ten ideas for witching hour fun

Come under the spell of Halloween with our scary activity ideas and create haunted Halloween memories by encouraging everyone to join in the fun of preparing for the big night.

Spooky activities for ghoulish kids.....

  1. Paper Napkin Ghosts. Place cotton balls in the centre of unfolded white paper napkins. Pull down the corners of the napkin over thecotton ball and tie a piece of white yarn around the "neck". Use markers to draw a malicious face. Tape a thin piece of string from the top of the head and hang from the ceiling. Eek!
  2. Glow in The Dark Monsters. Take out pencils, safety scissors and paper to create stencils of bats, ghosts, cats and spiders or visit the internet for free downloadable ones. Help children paint through the stencils, onto a piece of black card, using glow-in-the dark paint. Display in your front windows and watch out as the monsters jump out atnightfall.
  3. Spooky Scrapbook. Encourage children to enter the spirit of Halloween by researching quirky facts, pictures and poems to gather in a themed scrapbook. Give them a disposable camera on the night to capture fantastic moments.
  4. Halloween Sweets Necklace. Cut a length of fishing line or a piece of string. Pass one end of the thread through the eye of a medium-sized sewing needle and pierce through soft Halloween sweets like Marks & Spencer's Jelly Bugs and Bats or Halloween Mallows, which are all additive free. Adults should take charge of the needle, but kids will love helping by picking sweets to create their own yummy, edible jewellery.
  5. Pumpkin Painting Contest. In addition to planning the carving of a traditional Jack-o'-lantern, remember to buy a few smaller pumpkins for the younger kids to decorate and paint. Spread Halloween imagery and colours on the table to inspire them. Display all decorated pumpkins on your windowsills to create a ghoulish atmosphere.
  6. Ghost Story Reading. Plan a family visit to the bookshop or library to choose the most chilling ghost stories to read out loud on the night. Remember to theme the reading area for full effect and keep lighting to a minimum.
  7. Ghoulish fun for when you are out and about....

  8. Human Ghost Train. Why not join together with other local parents to create a human 'Ghost Train' so kids can trick or treat as a group.Simply decide your route in advance and pick up kids and parents as you make your way round.
  9. Keep it Light and Bright. Ensure night visibility by choosing a light coloured top or bottom for your child's outfit, tying or sewing glow-sticks to darker areas of fabric or by using reflective tape.
  10. Fill Up Little Stomachs. Make sure kids have something warm and filling before they leave the house, so they are not tempted to eat all the sweets on the go!
  11. Stock Up on Safe Treats. Remember to carry a selection of fruit, snacks that are free from artificial colours and flavours, like the sweets in the new M&S Halloween range, and have a selection of munchies for kids who may be allergic to nuts too!

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