10 Fun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

10 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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The 17th of March is the day that Ireland celebrates being Irish! Here are 10 ideas for fun ways to celebrate Ireland's national day, St. Patrick's Day.

  1. Green is the colour! Wear Green top-to-toe of course.
  2. Green Track Top

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  3. Eat green foods (‘you gotta eat broccoli, it’s St. Patrick’s Day’) - well it has to be worth a try!). Or maybe try these “Irish” Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  4. Broccolli

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  5. Try out some traditional Irish recipes at Ireland's Eye.
  6. Listen to some Irish Music – The Dubliners, Clannad, U2, The Pogues, Thin Lizzy, Boyzone, Westlife or Enya whatever your taste!
    Find Irish music at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com
  7. Join Genes Reunited to trace your family tree and find out whether you have any Irish Ancestry.
  8. Find out how to make a Rainbow at www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Rainbow, then check for a crock of gold!
  9. A Rainbow

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  10. Try our St. Patrick’s Day Colouring Pictures or a St. Patrick's Day Puzzle.
  11. A Toucan coloured in

  12. Join a St Patrick's Day Festival or Parade in Dublin, London, Birmingham, Coatbridge, Glasgow, Manchester or Chicago amongst others.
  13. St. Patrick famously drove the snakes out of Ireland, so why not celebrate with a game of Snakes and Ladders?
  14. Snakes and Ladders Game

  15. Keep your eyes open for Leprechauns!
  16. A Leprachaun

    Image Credit: Chris Chidsey

Find out some more about St. Patrick and why we celebrate him on 17th March. .

10 Fun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

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