10 Tips for the Perfect Halloween Party

10 Tips for the Perfect Halloween Party

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Are you planning a party for Halloween? Here are some goulishly good tips to make your Halloween party the best ever!

  1. Pick Your Date
  2. 31st October might be obvious, but if it is a school night you might want to move it to the weekend, or maybe you just need to choose a day that doesn’t clash with someone else’s party. Either way, the earlier you decide the earlier you can send out the invitations.

  3. Send Out the Invitations in Good Time
  4. Send out your invitations in good time, about three weeks in advance is good, especially if a costume has to be found. It is a really good idea to always state if the party is fancy dress by the way, don’t assume people will guess just because it’s Halloween!

    10 Steps to the Perfect hallween Party - Pumpkin Pie is a great dish to serve at your party!

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  5. Frightful Food
  6. Plan your menu well in advance. I love to start by trying to think up the worst food jokes that I can; for example spaghetti and meatballs could be called Eyeballs with Worms. Or maybe you could serve Severed Fingers (sausages) with Monster Mash, and of course green jelly should always be renamed Ectoplasm.

    Pumpkin Pie is always a winner of course!

  7. What to Wear
  8. Organise the Halloween costumes well in advance – you will either need time to make them and if you are buying or hiring the costumes you will need to get in early to ensure that your children gets their first choice. Here are some great ideas for Halloween Costumes.

  9. Decorate the House
  10. Now we come to decorate the house – this can range from a few pumpkin shapes to your own spooky tableau or some cute Halloween Mason jar decorations. Remember Halloween is not about good taste, so be as kitsch and over the top as you like.

    You could also make a pinata and paint it up to look like a pumpkin, or make some spooky paper lanterns to string around the house.

  11. Spooky Games
  12. All parties need games so have a few planned.

    You could go for the traditional apple bobbing or put a spooky twist to old favourites – try ‘pin the wart on the witch’s nose’, ‘musical zombies’ and to calm things down, ‘sleeping vampires’.

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  13. Trick or Treat
  14. Plan ahead by ask some neighbours if they will be willing to take part in trick or treat. This ensures that the kids can be sure of getting some trick or treat loot! Also if any of your neighbours do not want to take part, you will know not to annoy them.

    Always respect any signs requesting no trick or treaters. And of course if a house is decorated in the full Halloween gear, you know they are prepared with goodies!

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  15. Plan Your Tricks
  16. Have some harmless tricks planned for the kids to play – maybe they could pull ugly faces, have a big model spider to show people or they could all shout 'boo' at the same time.

    Never allow any of your party to do anything that could upset someone or damage property.

  17. Have Enough Grown-Ups Around
  18. It is really important to make sure that there are enough adults to supervise the number of children in your party when trick or treating.

    It will be dark, and this is not the night to lose a child………

  19. Wind-Down
  20. Have something planned for when the kids get home from trick or treating, while waiting for their parents to pick them up – Halloween colouring, crafts or have some suitable Halloween DVDs available. Here are some great Halloween movies for all the family.

Happy Halloween!

10 Tips for the Perfect Halloween Party

About The Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the editor of eParenting.

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