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10 Christmas Safety Tips For Parents

10 Christmas Safety Tips For Parents

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We all want Christmas to go as smoothly as possible and to make sure that nothing spoils the festive season for our family and friends.

To ensure that you have a Christmas that is memorable for all the right reasons, here are ten Christmas safety tips to keep everyone safe throughout December, the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

10 Christmas Safety Tips For Parents

How To Stay Safe At Christmas

  1. Toy Safety
  2. It’s really important that you check that every toy that you buy is CE marked. This mark ensures that the toy you are buying complies with European safety standards.

    In particular you should be extra careful of any toys bought at markets, car boot sales and Christmas fairs.

  3. Keep Candle Safe
  4. It’s lovely to light candles at Christmas but they should always be kept out of reach of children, should never be left unattended in a room with a child and candles should always be extinguished before you go to bed.

  5. Decorate Carefully
  6. Keep decorations and Christmas cards far away from open fires, candles, ovens and other heat sources such as radiators, and even hair straighteners.

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  7. Keep Decorations Out of Reach of Children
  8. Remember that Christmas decorations are not toys, and therefore do not necessarily have to be CE marked. They may have small parts which are not suitable for children and could cause choking.

    Tree baubles, especially if you are a fan of vontage ones, may be made of glass and could cause a very nasty injury if smashed.

  9. Is Your Tree Safe?
  10. Keep young children away from the tree, in case they pull it over or get hold of decorations which could cause an injury. Consider just having a small tabletop tree while you have toddlers.

  11. Fairy Lights
  12. RoSPA recommend that if you have old Christmas tree lights you should seriously consider buying new ones which will be manufactured to a higher safety standard.

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    They also warn that children can swallow the bulbs from older style lights and that you should always switch your Christmas lights off if you are not in the house and before you go to bed.

  13. Avoid Trailing Leads
  14. Make sure that there are no trailing cables from your Christmas lights that could be tripped over. Run them behind furniture or tape the cables to the wall.

  15. Have Enough Batteries in Stock
  16. Make sure that you have enough batteries for all the Christmas toys and gadgets that you are giving as presents. You should also be aware of the danger of button batteries.

    RoSPA warn that under no circumstances should you be tempted to take the batteries out of a smoke alarm, however disappointed your child is at being unable to play with their new toy.

  17. Cook The Turkey Properly
  18. Make sure that your turkey is properly cooked through – a bout of food poisoning will really spoil Boxing Day!

    Follow the cooking instructions carefully and remeber to refrigerate leftovers promptly.

  19. Think About Pets Too
  20. Keep the family pet safe too. Christmas food may be delicious for us but can make your pets very ill.

    Turkey bones can become stuck in a dog’s throat, and may splinter and injure an animal such as a cat who tries to eat them. Chocolate is very dangerous for dogs too, so should be kept where they won't find it!

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