The Reading Bug

...and how to help your children to catch it.

Do you want your children to love reading? If you like to settle down with a book (even if having kids you dont get the chance very often) you will want to share that pleasure with them. Well, The Reading Bug ...and how to help your children to catch it is the book to help you do just that. It gives a practical guide on how children learn to read and to teaching a child to love books.

So, firstly what are the authors credentials? Australian writer Paul Jennings has worked as a special-education teacher, a speech pathologist and lectured in education. He is now a full time writer with a huge list of childrens books to his name, such as Unbelievable, Undone! and the Rascal the Dragon series.

His stories also formed the basis of the brilliant Australian TV series Round the Twist which was shown over here a number of years ago.

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There are many books written on the subject of childrens reading but few have the experience of being on both sides of the fence that Jennings can offer. Few, it also has to be said, are as entertaining and enthusiastic as this book is in their mission to instil a love of reading in children.

The book is aimed at the parents of children from babies to teenagers. Alongside the text of the book there are lists of recommended books which back up his arguments. There are lists of books for babies, new readers and lots of suggestions for reluctant readers of all ages. The book concludes with list of brilliant books for readers of all ages. You will look at the list saying "Oh yes thats a good book… "and "Oh yes I read that when I was little…. "

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The Reading Bug will help you to demystify phonics and know when not to use them. It will teach you how to listen to your children read in the most encouraging way. It will also give you a fascinating insight into the thought that goes into a childrens book, the sort of feedback that an author receives from readers – and their parents – and how an author feels about their work.

The book also has some brilliantly funny cartoons by Andrew Weldon, several of which made me laugh out loud. If you love reading you will simply revel in Paul Jennings sheer enthusiasm for books and reading.

Pass that on to a child today!

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About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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