The Fourth Trimester: And You
Thought Labour Was Hard....

by Amy Einhorn

When you’ve just had a baby your brain is complete mush, your hormones are dancing like Michael Flatley on speed and your entire body aches. So you don’t need anything too taxing to read. Amy Einhorn, understanding this predicament, hits the spot perfectly with this slim, succinct volume of pithy advice, understanding and support for the first six weeks after birth.

This book is not for the faint hearted, it is blunt and to the point about the bad – and the good - points of having just given birth.

The Fourth Trimester:  And You Thought Labour Was Amy Einhorn

This book would be a perfect gift to give to someone in hospital who has just had their baby. She will already be experiencing some of the worst that the book talks about, so you will not scare her completely. Plus it is the only time the baby will sleep long enough for her to read a book in the next six weeks.

‘The Fourth Trimester’ is thoughtfully divided up into tiny bite-sized sections small enough for even the most tired new mum to get through. You will realise that you are not the only person who wonders whether your stomach could possibly ever look normal again, your breasts ever feel normal again and your baby ever do anything but feed, poo and sleep. Those mad thoughts you have in the only free two minutes you had to your self? Yup, quite normal!

Einhorn is a New York based writer, so some of the references and advice are in line with US medical practices and ways of doing this. For example, she discusses circumcision, which is routine in the US but only done for medical or religious reasons in the UK. However babies are the same the world over and so are a mother’s experiences.

Reading this book at a safe distance from the post-partum-and-breastfeeding bit of parenting, I was able to laugh out loud at many of the comments in ‘The Fourth Trimester’. Just be careful if you had stitches OK?

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